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It's been a few days, any Pro orders?

I am a bit nosy, but hey, aren’t we all at times? It’s been a couple of days and I want to know if anyone has been keeping tabs on the Pro sellers, have any buyers taken the bait? Do they have orders in queue?


They could always offer lower rates on custom offers to get reviews and give the impression that people are buying big money for their pro gigs…obvious, isn’t it…


Well, that is true. Then there would be reviews on how popular the pro gigs are.


I think there are a few orders in queue for lower priced PRO gigs, but it would take months before we can see if or how much impact these gigs have. Fiverr has invested too much in this to cut the cord or make any drastic changes after a week.

There are multiple steps they can take to give it a boost

  • Sellers can lower their prices. (Well actually some of them are doing this already)
  • Fiverr can offer temporary discounts
  • They can open up more categories
  • They can do additional marketing campaigns
    the list goes on

EDIT: I did find one review, but as I said before, it doesn’t mean anything yet. I’m sure there will be 5 star reviews as well.


In my opinion, Even if they get few sales, still sellers with lower prices will get most of the sales.
If you look this as a businessman and as a business strategy, it is always better to get 10 x 10-20$ gigs, than one 150$.
Why? Because there are 10 different clients, word of mouth is still a great marketing tool, so those 10 clients could suggest Fiverr to other people, and so on.
Those 10 clients could be returning clients, so more sales and more earnings for both sellers and Fiverr.
While Pro gigs are not bad, we should respect those sellers, Problem is not at the sellers, problem is at the organization of their gigs in Fiverr page, the only thing that i don’t like about those gigs is that Fiverr has create a Monopoly on the rankings. We all compete with each other, but there are few guys out there who have a guaranteed listing on the first page, with the option to show only them on the first page. Favoring someone an disfavoring others doesn’t look a good move.

Maybe this is just the beginning and after few reviews things will change, but we can only wait and see.


It’s not always the case. I’ve hired writers for $10 yet their articles didn’t convert visitors into customers. Business man will see it as an investment meaning if $150 article helps you convert visitors into customers then you might make this money back in no time.

However, I agree that if you wish to target a different audience you need to create a separate platform (sub-page or directory) that caters to their needs. Right now I see level 1 sellers with PRO badge on the same page with Top Rated Sellers. Even if I’m willing to pay $500 for an article, why should I if I see a TRS next to it with 3000 reviews and price tag $25.


Sorry if i didn’t express myself correctly.
I meant for Fiverr, it would be better to get 10 different clients or users than just one. In this case 10 different people would talk or share their experience on Fiverr with other people on their social media or website, in this way, this platform can get more people joining.


I just had a look at that gig but I dont see the review.


Yeah, there’s some funny business going on. There’s another PRO gig with 5 star review, but the review is not visible :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m guessing it’s a technical glitch not a feature :smirk:


Lol, I guess we will see.

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I’m actually keeping an eye on one of those PRO gigs. I know the guy from outside Fiverr so I know they can produce high quality work. He has lowered his price twice already, so if he takes it down another 20-30% (down to TRS level) then I might go for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’m not getting into this discussion :smiley:


Thats what I would do. Load up a bunch of $5 orders on my PRO gig to appear in demand. But hey that’s just me. (was that out loud?)


I think Fiverr is trying to encourage buyers to buy the pro gigs by showing fake stars :smiley: #conspiracy


At the end of the day, pro gigs might have to compete with each other. It´s just a natural instinct thingy that buyers will go for the best price (quality combined with a more friendly price). We do that everyday too, we go for the best deal. Okay maybe not us, at least me. :innocent:

Buyers who been shopping on Fiverr for many years (edit: Not me. I am not that long yet) must have their personal notes who are their best sellers, and if the buyer is happy with the one quoting them $5, $10, $25 or $50 (etc, depends on the service) and the seller is THAT GOOD, why would they go to a new gig for the same service with the $2000? But yeah, Pro Gigs probably is aimed for new buyers.

By all mean though, I will be happy for any Pro Gigs seller who will be able to make many sales even though I won´t be their buyer.


I’m actually shocked by how overpriced a lot of pro gigs are. Moreover, I can see a lot of signs of fakery/sellers obviously not being legitimate with some gigs. It will be interesting, in this case, to see what reviews start saying in the long term.

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I got an order and my gig was picked on for being overpriced. :slight_smile:


Great. But picked on by who, the buyer? :confused:

I don’t understand the question. How else does it work?

Someone came saw my gig asked me about it then placed an order.

That’s how it works.

oh now I see what you meant. Picked on by forum members. Some of them are on this very thread. :slight_smile: