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It's been a long time since I've received an order

Active for 16 hours. I share a lot of gig social media. I spend a lot of time on fiverr. But check out my status. If my gig bears can’t see. How do I get an order.


send buyer request properly. good luck :slight_smile:


Share you gigs in different social media. Send 10 buyer request everyday properly. To stay active on fiverr. I hope you will get your first order soon. Good luck brother…


I have sent many buyer requests

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Thank you brother help korar jono

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You are welcome brother…

  1. 24/7
    2.send buyer request
  2. share your gig in social media

do same continuously what have shared already. defiantly you will get response from customer. Also, keep research on your keywords & change the keywords after every 3days if you are not get any response. change the keywords randomly until you get the order.

Thank you help brother