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It's been a month on Fiverr, I hardly got one order. Can anybody help me for getting orders

It’s been a month on Fiverr, I hardly got one order. Can anybody help me for getting orders.
I am totally depressed and demotivated now. A lot of problems are here for me in my background.Please Seniors help.

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send buyer request on daily basis and analysis your competitors.

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I do on daily basis. Even I have sent 89 proposal But I cannot get yet.

Are you just sitting back and waiting for random orders to come your way, or have you been doing anything this past month to earn your sales?

The sad thing is… I think i already know your answers to this.

Get busy succeeding, or sit back and fail. The choice is yours.


share your gig on social media, increase your gig view, impression, click. that’s why you gig ranking increase day by day.

I was not sitting back. I was applying on requests.I apply on daily basis. But still cannot get orders.

It is unwise to expect all of your orders to come from Buyer Requests. Get out there into the world and reach out to the target customers who need your services!


Find the other platform is the best solution :slight_smile: Don’t stick with one website. Don’t totally depend to here.

If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject which may help you write an effective reply.

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buyers request doesn’t help all. very less request from buyer and bidders are too many. Also search is going worse day by day.

I’ve received my two largest projects to date from buyer request. Don’t knock it too much!


Always try to share you gigs on social media but one think you need to remember you have to share you gigs on relevant groups or pages on social media to get the most click.


Sharing gig on your own Sm and promotion of website to get client on fiverr and you’ll get less 20%. If you made your own blog and sell service. you can get better earning :smile: :wink: