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It's been a month since I made my gig, but still no clicks

How can I improve my gig? Am I doing something wrong? Is my gig presentable enough? Those are the questions that I sometimes ask myself. So far, I have 60 impressions. I’m quite happy with that since I’ve gotten that far even though there’s a lot of gigs that offer YouTube Thumbnails. But, I asked a seller that offers the same thing and he said that he got his first order after a week or so.

Here’s the link for my gig, and feel free to say what’s wrong and how I can improve it.


Just to caution you, this can get you flagged for spam, per the ToS.

Concerning your gig, you state in your gig itself that thumbnails are important, but your own thumbnail samples are not that good.


One day delivery, $5 price, unlimited revisions offered… At least there isn’t a satisfaction/money back guarantee.

The gig title honestly needs work, and the actual thumbnail examples, as aforementioned, should be the very best that you can legitimately produce. The current samples leave a lot to be desired.

“Nice” is not the best adjective to use to describe one’s gig. Seller’s regularly toss around the words “awesome,” “eye-catching,” “amazing,” etc., but “nice” is so underwhelming. Also, saying “on photoshop” in the title seems unnecessary. I don’t think buyers care which program you use to create the images, they just care about how the images look.


I’ll take that in mind.

About the examples, I believe that I can make more and much better examples. It’s just that my schedule is quite busy right now because of online-school. I’m free tomorrow so I’ll make more examples to catch the attention of the buyers. If it’s ok with you, would you mind checking my examples after I’m finish? I’ll probably reply here again to notify.

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Oh, about that. I’ve been thinking on also adding that. It’s just that I’m not yet sure on how the refund system works. I don’t want to add that I’ll give back the money when I don’t even know how it works. I’m currently doing some research.

I’ll change the the title and the examples. Thanks for pointing it out because I felt that there’s something wrong with it compared to other gigs.


Based on what I saw on a social media, some buyers don’t actually care what your situation is. All they want is the product they bought to be well-made.

Thank you!

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No no no no. DON’T add a satisfaction/money back guarantee!

My point was, you shouldn’t even have one day delivery, $5 price, or offer unlimited revisions either! These just bring out the worst type of buyers and cripple you if ever an order is brought up to CS.


I have waited like years :stuck_out_tongue: to get my first order. If you want to get orders increase your prices and be good at what you do. There is like thousands of 5$ gigs. You don’t want any WISH version of anything right ? People doesn’t know how hard is to get orders for a new sellers so they just judge by your prices.


I started off selling services at $5, but learned to jump out of that price point as soon as I felt I had enough reviews under my belt.

That is the true key to having any real success or longevity on the platform. It doesn’t matter how you are priced if the quality of what you are offering doesn’t appeal to any potential buyers. If you are attracting buyers, then price does matter and should be adjusted accordingly.


Oh! It looks like I misunderstood that. Sorry about that. I actually changed it to unlimited because I felt like buyers won’t buy it. I will fix all of it tomorrow.

I started off selling services at $5, but learned to jump out of that price point as soon as I felt I had enough reviews under my belt.

I used the 3-tier at first, but I wasn’t so sure if I’m able to do it despite me being a student. I will start at $5 and once I get a better desktop, I’ll probably use the 3-tier again and raise my prices.

Share your gig on social media

It’s clear you do have a lot of graphic design skills and are good with typography. One thing to note however, is small text. While that may be good with a banner, subtext doesn’t really seem to vibe well with the YouTube algorithm. All text should be bold and large. Smaller text under titles and sentences don’t read well in thumbnails. Unfortunately, YouTube viewers only take a few seconds to look at a thumbnail before moving on. A thumbnail should read well even when squinting. It’s just how YouTube works :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you for pointing that out. I also thought that smaller texts are hard to see because the thumbnails are small before clicking it. I’ll fix it all tomorrow. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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To get more clicks on your gig:

  • Try to sent 10 buyer request everyday
  • Try to be active as much as you can
  • Share your gigs on social media
  • Use eye catching gig image
  • Better you can use video in your gig, it’s really effective
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