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Its been a really bad day

Cannot go in detail but I had to cancel 3 orders worth 350+ dollars , got an undeserving 1-star rating, and I am just a new seller about to become level one, now my chances of growing on fiverr look slim after all this ruckus.
I started freelancing on fiverr with lot of hopes and somewhat was happy with results but after this disaster, I am in a pinch and feeling really depressed.
What should I do?

Any suggestions are welcomes

That’s a part of being a freelancer. You need to have a really strong gut to keep doing this. It’s not all rosy as you would expect.
There are a lot of ups and downs. And probably more downs then ups it’s all about how you handle it and if you take it just as an experience or even learn something new from this situations.

I keep saying that freelancing is not for everyone and for some people it’s easier to work for an employer and just fulfilling tasks that they are given without having to deal with all the troubles of running a business.


Thankyou so much for the advice
It was really helpful and now I feel that I can do it. I was doing really well for about a month and expected that things will always be the same but I guess nothing always remains the same.

That was really motivating and I feel like I am just getting started, even though its just been a month, I have learnt so much from selling on fiverr.

Looking forward to learning more things. I guess ups and downs are just a part of life.

Easier said than done though.

Thank you so much for replying to this thread, it means a lot as you just showed me a new direction

Hang in there.

This job can be hard, but don’t let it get to you. We’ve all had bad days and bad reviews and it’s easy to let it get you down, but keep your chin up. Keep working hard and you’ll do great. Don’t think too long about the negative stuff :slight_smile:


Thank you so much
Its actually a really logical thing, if you get positive reviews, you are bound to get negative, and similarly with good and bad days but even then it is really hard to digest when you hit a rock solid wall and get negative reviews for the first time, I will try my best to hang on.

You’re very welcome. I hope everything works out for you!

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There’s always bad days and good days! Thankfully there’s more of good days, so just have to learn to live with the bad ones too. Think positively, and even the bad ones won’t bother you that much soon. There’s no rush to level up either, you’re guaranteed to get those eventually if you keep a positive mindset and try to keep yourself and every buyer happy.