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It's been a rough ride on Fiverr

Please take a minute to check my gig.

Here’s my gig link.

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Begging for a purchase isn’t going to help you.

People buy a product because they want to and because it solves a problem. It’s lazy and ineffective to beg people instead of making a strong case. Your approach to sales is likely contributing to your problem.

You also say you’ll ghostwrite a bestseller ebook. This is unethical because, to try to make sales, you’re making a promise you can’t possibly project. Also, it lacks credibility because you’re only charging $30. Enabling huge profits for a company just for $30 is not believable. You have no reason to charge so little if that indeed is the result you deliver.

Your writing quality is also not professional, certainly not for “bestseller” standards.


Hello Dear, $30 is my basic price,

What does this signify then?

It doesn’t matter. That and your other package prices are still way too low.

And don’t call people “Dear.” So unprofessional.


Maybe you could write a bestselling ebook about your rough ride on Fiverr? That could give your gig some credibility and you could use it as an example to show clients.

Just remember to call it something catchy.