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Its been a two months

I have not been getting orders for two months. It is been like everything is finishing day by day. I am losing everything. Decreasing my motivation level. I don’t know how to share my feelings. My heart is broken to a million of pieces. I worked a lot day and night and after that where I am?


Yikes! Now that’s deep. :grimacing: I see your recent delivery :truck: was 2-months ago.

Maybe, it’s time to upyour game. :point_down:t4:

Pick up the pieces with this thread. :point_down:t4:


Loose hope inshallah you will get new orders soon

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Did you try following any of the tips you were given when you’ve asked a similar question previously?

Here’s another one - there were some good ones here.

Why not offer one cheap $5 gig just to get some movement going again?


The services I am offering is not possible in $5. The work is very lengthy also very time taking. So that is why.

Good advice was given in that thread.

I mean after 2-months if the price scale is not working, then it’s time to tweak.

@samdesignspro I notice your virtual assistant basic gig is 4 hours for $100.

Then the description says:

We will be your virtual assistant for 2 day

So, essentially you’re offering 48-hours of VA? Confusing!


So offer something else that you can do for $5! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes offer service that can be done in low price

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Can you share what it is you have been doing for those two months? That would help people to advise you more accurately.

Regarding your gigs - your prices are all over the place.
Your Virtual assistance gig is 4 hours for $100 and then 8 hours for $495, then 16 hours for $995.
In addition, your gig delivery time are crazy for someone with no orders - You want someone who is to pay $60/hour (8 hour gig) to wait 15 days for delivery? 8 hours is one day of work!

Then when I look at your Market research gig the prices are even stranger:
$50 for 1 hour
$95 for 8 hours
$495 for 16 hours.

It looks to me as a buyer that you have increased your prices a lot without doing it properly and frankly, it just makes me think that the whole thing is suspicious for someone with 160+ reviews.
Spend some time on fixing your gigs, make the prices good value for money and if someone is hiring you for a lot of hours, then the price per hour should be the same or LESS than if they hire you for one hour.


Thank you. I will do that.


You guys are right. I need to make a change in my gigs.


Good luck with it! :sunny:

Best of luck and go ahead😊

I really hope you make the adjustments, 'cause after all action speaks louder than words. :wink:


Sorry, I meant to say too:
You have some great reviews and did very well for a while. Did you get demoted 2 months ago?
This can be very disheartening but the answer is to get MORE focused, not less focused.
Decide what your price per hour should be and then set your prices on that.
Also, try using smaller packages so 1, 2, 3 hours.
This makes the gig look cheaper and also encourages people to pick 2 hours which you can complete in 2-3 days.


Yes, I was demoted from level 2 to zero. And it takes me down from the sky. From that time until now I am very disheartened and broken. My motivation level is zero. I think doing something is better than nothing. I need to do the setup again from the start. And it makes me frustrating.


I will make changes in my gigs

It’s horrible - it happened to me too. :frowning:

Keep going - as you said, almost pretend you’re starting from scratch again, regardless of your level at the moment.

You’re right - it is! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hope so. Thank you so much for your lovely messages for making me motivated again.


I understand - it is not nice to feel that way.
However, there has been lots of people who have offered advice and want to support you so use the advice you were given here and on other threads.

When you have time, take 2 hours to look through, edit and adjust your gigs and then come back here and ask people to say what they think about the changes. It really helps to get other people’s advice and feedback and the forum people are great at doing that.