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It's been a while, any tips?

I’m thinking of not giving up on my dreams and try to have more patience, but it does not work as much. Any tips for getting buyers? I’m thinking of creating more gigs, as I have other talents too. I hope it will turn out well, and I believe that I can do it!


If I may ask: What, specifically, is your dream?

(Dreams are not always good to chase.)

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My dream is to have a sort of a job that I could enjoy at home and get some money from it. I do have patience for this, and I continously will. My family is pretty low on money, and I’d be really nice when it’s going to be the first time I get my own source of income except for scholarship. And yes, I am in high school and schools are closed, so it’s a great opportunity for me to make something worth the experience and the work. And sorry for my English, it isn’t my first language!

Hi, I’m also new on fiverr only 3 month on fiverr, Try to make eye catching thumbnail in your gig, can you believe, I was create my gig and after 10 to 20 min i got my first order on fiverr, Thank to my God Almighty.

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That’s a vague dream. Do you have a specific dream? How about goals?

I don’t think I have a specific dream…? Probably to become a translator or have an IT job. My goals are to get my own money and support my family’s money situation by giving them some, which is the most important for me. I’ll also buy some stuff on my own in case I get even more than expected. I’m not very sure, since I’m still at my teenage years and until 2-3 years pass, I can change my mind. Who knows? But this is all I can say for now. Hopefully it’s not a bad thing, because I can fix from my own mistakes.

Thank you for your advice! I’ll try making a better thumbnail for my gig.
Also, I apologize for creating posts twice, I just wanted to reply to everybody who replied, because all of you are awesome for trying to help me.

Keep patient
keep consistancy
keep self believe

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I highly applaud young entrepreneurship, and want to encourage it whenever possible. That said, many come into freelancing throwing themselves off the deep end without much foreknowledge. How much research have you done? How many other gigs that offer the same thing have you looked at? Do you have a plan?

Being young, you have a huge advantage in that, if you make mistakes, you have the time to make up for them. And yes you have time to change your mind, but a big part of getting to where you want to be is knowing where that is in the first place.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Second is researching how to get there, which can sometimes tie into the first part, as you will learn more about where the opportunities are as you look into things. Goal setting is critical, short-term and long-term.

You mention your in school, and I know that’s a bit of a mess right now, but don’t be afraid to ask the teachers or career counselors for advice. You’re trying something new, and you’re surrounded with teachers, who can be a wonderful source of helpful advice on a huge number of topics. (Even asking one for a quick proofread of your gig, once you’ve built it up more, might be fruitful, though make sure you’re only getting feedback and not actual corrections. If they do offer corrections, be sure you understand why. This is for your growth and long-term success.)

I’ll just wrap this up here. I’ve gathered a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section of this post, so feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Okay, there is one more thing I want to add, but keep in mind: I want to encourage you, not discourage.


Hello i think you will find this helpful. Good luck

Maria S

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Hello! I apologize for not responding earlier, I was busy lately, but thank you for your advice and very useful message! I appreciate it, and I’ll consider them in my mind. :grinning:

Thank you for your advice! I’ll consider that one, too.