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It's been a while, but I'm think I'm in for a scam cancellation

Has anyone ever contacted CS to preemptively report a buyer, before they do anything overtly wrong?

I have a buyer who is pushing all the “I’m a scammer” buttons it is possible to push. First, when they contacted me, they wanted a quote for a sales email and a landing page copy. I quoted them a price which they were a bit upset by, as they wanted my basic $20 gig to cover the total word count. They had also “got most of the content already” - meaning (naturally), that they had 500-words of text which read like a seagull had regurgitated a dictionary.

Usually, I would say “sorry, I can’t help” at this point. However, sales have been slow. In this case, I explained this was two projects, both of which would require a different approach and more time to complete than my standard single article writing gig.

The first red lag came this morning. Yesterday, I delivered all work in full 24-hours ahead of the deadline. The buyer responded immediately to say the work was great. However, this morning, the buyer contacted me as they apparently “couldn’t see the files.”

I re-delivered. Then again, I got another, “great, thanks.”

Shortly after, the buyer contacted with a tone of “hold on, you have done something wrong,” and complained that there weren’t links in his sales email copy to send it out via email or across social media.

I could kind of see what was happening here. The buyer was trying to suggest that I hadn’t delivered what they wanted. i.e. I’d delivered a sales email copy in an MS Word document, not an email. However, I had made it clear prior to ordering, that all my work is delivered in MS Word format. Moreover, in this case, I also delivered in PDF format.

(It is also a bit stupid to think you can click a send button in a Word doc and it will magically format itself into an email and deliver itself to all your contacts :roll_eyes: .)

I typed up a thorough response, explaining that the buyer would need to copy and paste the text into whatever email system/social media messages they plan on sending,

Shortly after, the buyer sent a thank you and an “oh, by the way, can you review this for me too?” With that message, they then sent a second sales email (which reads like a seagull wrote it) which is longer than the last, and which they want me to rewrite FOC and deliver this as well as the work covered by their order.

I don’t work for free. In this case, I reiterated that the their current order covers the two projects which have been delivered and no further work. Then I advised that they could make a new order via my basic gig to cover their new project details.

Since that last message, this buyer has gone silent. From experience, what usually happens next is I get an email notice that an order has been canceled. (However, it has been a while.) In this case, I’m wondering whether or not it might be with contacting CS to confirm with them in advance of any issues, that all work has been delivered and that under no circumstances do I agree to this order being canceled.

Any thoughts? Is it worth doing or am I just being paranoid?


I say listen to your intuition and let CS know. Briefly.


I would say -as someone who has significantly less experience on this platform than you- trust your gut.

Definitely sounds flaggy of the crimson variety.


I have said it before, and I will repeat it, I love your loquacious wording! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:


I would let CS know, especially since they are trying to weasel free work out of you now. I would be interested in what they say.

Hm, pretty sure I did once. If I recall correctly, it was something fishy involving two accounts and I asked CS if they can check something (while saying that of course I know they can’t give me “classified information”), but I totally forgot what happened, probably nothing major then.

This here, I had as well this morning, though, seller sent a message like “here are your files” but I couldn’t see any attachments. Seller resent (or sent, if they had forgotten to attach them before, I don’t know) and I could see them then.

The “by the way, can you (do much more work than the actual order, and for free)” is another affair, of course.
I’d not contact support preemptively in fear of a cancellation that might not happen in the end, though, that seems a bit undue. I’d just probably not want to work with them again if they’d continue to ask for major “favours” after I made clear that they’ll need to place an order for that. In such cases, usually they just won’t reply back, people who try such things, tend to not be paragons of politeness :slight_smile:

How do seagulls write? Seasicknessish?