It's been a while since I received my last order


Hello there, It’s been a while since I received my last order. Are you receiving any order in these days?


Yes (20 characters )


I am waiting for my first order as well.


Please use “Buyer Requests” now a days and regarding traffic on your Gigs I would say that things will become normal in “February”.

So,patience is the key to success and focus on “Buyer Requests” as it is a best way to get orders for newbies.


Yes. Plenty of orders. I tend to have a queue of orders waiting to be completed most of the time. Please keep in mind, just because you aren’t receiving orders, does not mean there is something wrong with Fiverr. Thousands of sellers receive orders every day. Perhaps, if you wish to earn more sales, you might consider marketing and promoting your gig(s) to the target customers that need your sales. Sitting around and hoping someone randomly buys from you is a terrible business strategy.

Are you in business to earn money? Or are you in business to watch other sellers earn money?

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. Get out there and be a doer. Earn your sales.


Why because it’s the :heart: month? aka St. Lovel’s Day?


Not particularly :slight_smile: but February month is usually very busy in terms for business owners. So, they do a lot of work during that month to onwards. So, the traffic gradually increases day by day for awesome gigs like yours :slight_smile: .