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It's been a year and I don't receiving orders anymore

Hi there!

Hope ya’ll doing fine, any expert there for help because I need it badly?

It’s been a year and I don’t receiving orders anymore on my logo’s gig, I thought that I made a mistake so I edited it, but it’s not helping.

I need some advice from professional or fiverr experts and asking for their help, critics and suggestion will be accepted, Looking forward for discussion and response over this issue.


Currently +8000 people is offering LOGO design on Fiverr. Your GIG is fine, you just need to promote it more outside this sphere.


Thank you so much marina for your response as it is clear what I should do to solve this issue, Thanks again to check out my gigs.

The first thing that stood out for me is the “3 Optional Creative Logo”… Probably change it to something along the lines of “3 Initial Concepts Included”, that has worked for me!

Also, I feel your thumbnail is not showing a lot of potential… don’t get me wrong, you’re probably a good designer, but it’s not showing. Probably add more interesting work or even a logo grid, as I’ve done. It shows potential buyers what you’ve done in the past, and whether you’ll create something amazing for them or not.

wow aychuck you’ve gone through details I doubted on!
Thanks for your suggestions that you’ve pointed out, will work on it under your value able suggestions.

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Yeah, and I know Fiverr suggests using a video that’ll increase sales, but honestly I don’t think that works for logo design, although you can make a great video that actually shows your work in the thumbnal. But I wouldn’t probably do that. Just take a look into what your competition is doing, and find the common denominator… and make it better!

It was hard for me in the beginning, but since the first couple sales came, it’s been a regular thing. Now I feel stressed out whenever I don’t get a sale in a couple days haha

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hahahaha :laughing: yeah I know that feeling you’re going through as it is frustrated and sometimes it give too much tense.

Starting something need hard work and consistency, thanks for your comment on my video section.

your suggestions have been marked, thanks aychuck!
I hope we will meet on the other side.

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The first thing that stands out to me is your video. First, I think gig videos are important regardless of what category you’re a seller in, but in your specific case, I think your video may be hindering sales. IMO, any gig video with text should be large enough to be read in the thumbnail size as this is most likely how new buyers will discover your gig (via search). Additionally, the background music sounds slightly distorted. These two factors combined may cause potential buyers to skip over your gigs.

I would suggest that you take your two current gigs, and create a new video for one and go without a video for the other and sort of A/B test to see which gets a better response. Along those lines, I would also suggest creating as many Gigs as you can offering specific services within your niche to increase your changes of surfacing in search results in a highly competitive category.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your suggestions. Means a lot to me!