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Its been a year on Fiverr

Its been a year on Fiverr. I haven’t get any Order. I dont know why is it so?

I am a University Student and I have to meet my fee expenses. I am really worried now. Can some one look at my gigs?

Is there any problem in them please tell me. I shall be very thankful to all respected members.

from what i know customers ignore buyers request or don’t bother taking a look because the amount of people accepting the request.

buyers request section isnt were you should place your gig nobody will care to look at it but spam u with request

@johnnewland I regular visit buyer request… but … not getting anything

Same problem is with me any suggestions?

Same problem is with me any suggestions?

My suggestion is that you aggressively go after all the ‘buyer requests’. When I first started here, I didn’t know what gigs to set up. so I would look for a request that I knew I could do, I would set up a gig for that request, and then respond. This really jump started my business here, and I’ve done over 1,000 gigs. (I think).

ujonline, please don’t post the same comment in multiple fiverr forums.

@jonbaas ok

Reply to @ujonline: do it every day, and never give up

So what now… what should i do now?

I agree with others on the buyer requests. I replied to them heavily when I was brand new and I netted my first several orders from that. Your gigs don’t look too bad. I would suggest putting up as many unique gigs as you can, use great images and videos, and check your messages often.

When you are new you will sometimes get inbox messages before people order and it will help you to be quick in response and go above and beyond to deliver those first orders. Make sure you can deliver in the time it says on your gig (and make it as quick as you can handle) and if possible, make actual delivery faster than what it shows there. Give them a truly excellent product quick and you will build some sales. The first one was the toughest for me and for that first you have the best chance to get an excellent review and get a potential repeat buyer.

@ilovecustomers: At this point I’ve submitted over 100 offers to buyers and 10 of my orders came from that according to Fiverr. Serious buyers do wade through the offers.

Reply to @ujonline:

As one example you could walk in to a local company that might be interested in your services and start a conversation, somewhere along the line see if you can direct the conversation to a discussion about employee sick days etc then let them know you offer a service on fiverr that could help them out temporarily in such situations.

I have been a fiverr member for almost 3 years and recently started doing gigs, and became a level 1 seller in like a week. I am not saying that to brag, I am saying that because you want to do things that are popular, like writing articles/blogs, posting to social media, anything like that seems to be really hot. I would read over your profile again, and make sure everything is concise, also I would make a short and quick video on every gig you have, people love videos. Once you level up then you can add extra gigs to your gigs you have now, and make more money, it may scare people away if you already are asking for extra money for doing extra on your gigs. I hope this helps you, and may you be prosperous!

@mgjohn78 am trying but not got succeeded…