It's been amazing! thank you fiverr! and Good bye!


Hi guys! recently i got disabled for late deliveries, its completely my mistake to get banned!
Before i leave fiverr this is my last post for all of you! some people might know me as i helped them a lot.
I have been working on fiverr since 2013 until now i have earned more than 2-3K for each month from fiverr and achieved a lots of things from it!

my mistakes :
Never click DELIVERY button until you deliver the rest of work with it, ( i mean COMPLETE WORK WITH SOURCE FILES) and never agree to any clients that ask about new free designs instead of revisions. These are the main mistakes i have done to get disabled. i would suggest to read the fiverr TOS twice !! (plus i have been really sick because of kidney stones i couldn’t even work properly that’s also a big issue to lose my account)

And mainly NEVER EVER quit your local job for any internet jobs like fiverr. Its really important to keep this in mind.

Trust me i have tons of clients they recommended me without even asking google my name to find out!

Good luck to all of you!
stay strong and be healthy!


There seems to be a lot of people getting banned for delivering late. Can you please confirm whether you have been banned for:

a. Sending empty deliveries

b. Delivering orders after the order deadline

c. Offering clients free work to compensate them for being late

Please be as specific as possible.


oh no dear i am feeling very sorry for you. please take care of your health


Oh, my, kidney stones are so painful. My hubs has suffered twice with them! I am sorry you have to deal with them.

I am interested to know too? :thinking:


Drinking distilled water will wash them out in no time. :wink:


First, I hope you get well, but I don’t understand,how having some late deliveries gets your account banned ? I don’t see that anywhere in the TOS page.


DO NOT under any circumstances drink distilled water! :smiley:


Good luck! Great advices you send in your message, I hope they reach a lot of people. Never deliver empty, never quit you regular job and never give “free” orders, use revision system (don’t “I am sorry you didn’t like it, next order is free to compensate”).


This is what google has to say-

Continued drinking of distilled water is a bad idea.

Water filtered through reverse osmosis (RO water) tends to be neutral and is acceptable for regular use provided minerals are supplemented.

So, maybe it might be helpful to drink distilled water only to get rid of the stones? :thinking: Anyway, I would recommend that you take such advice ONLY from your doctor and not from ANYWHERE ELSE.


Sorry to hear :slight_smile: Don’t worry


he got banned not because of the the late deliveries due to the incomplete delivery.


The thing is that is all we drink because I do not like the fluoride taste in our city water. Plus we think this old house has lead pipes.

We do put mineral drops in our cold drinking water we keep in our refrigerator.

And @hanshuber16, IFY @cyaxrex frequently recommends an all butter diet, smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, and consumes a gallon of coffee before dinner. It is doubtful
I would follow his advice! :joy: :rofl: :laughing:


I hope it all works out for you!


While I don’t think distilled water can get rid of kidney stones, drinking water instead of anything else can definitely help it along. But, like the above said, talk with your doctor and don’t just go on random advice from the internet. A doctor is far more qualified. Possibly a registered dietitian as well.


I like how this post has taken a turn: from being about a teary-eyed adieu :crying_cat_face: , to a discussion about water! :potable_water: