Its Been Like 12 Days But No Buyer Has Ever Clicked My Gig :(


I Joined Fiverr Like 10-12 Days Before And By Looking At All Those Level 2 Sellers And Top Rated Sellers I Am Confused How They Get Like 3-4 Orders Per Day And I Haven’t Even Got A Single Click On My Gig.

I Know Many Of You Have Gone Through This.

Can Anyone Look At My Gigs And Tell Me What’s Wrong? :((


Reply to @ruxandradraws: Thank you very much about spending your valuable time reviewing my gig honestly through your point of view. Your comment is of a great value to me! Thank you again!


Hello and welcome on FIverr!

I took a look at your gigs and here are some issues I found:

-The descriptions could be more…descriptive? the client needs to know exactly what he can buy for 5$, when, how much, etc

-I don’t know where you have learned about this way of writing(each word starting with capitalized letter) but please, please avoid it. It’s hard to read, it doesn’t highlight anything because it highlights everything. Instead, try to use bold letters and the highlights you have in the settings aria.

-Also, you could change the photo cover with the word document in it. It’s not very attractive, but it’s not wrong.

(you asked, I answered, no offence)

Good luck!


Keep a real picture as your profile photo and try to add what you are good at in your profile info , not stating you like doing new things , people spend money on professional work in which one is good at not on people wanting to try new things .

You can buy fiverr gigs for making better gigs with more better photos and description .