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It's been months since I started my account here. Still no orders :(

Hello ~~ I started using Fiverr after a friend recommended it as a place for freelance artists. I have put up my best works but maybe I am not targetting the right people with my titles or work. If someone could help me understand the best away to market yourself here or approach the audience with the titles that would be great. THANK YOUUUUUUUU~~~~~~~~~


Hello. Your profile description is odd: “Hey I am a bubba from India, here to bring joy and love to you with my fanarts and illustrations! Board on the train of multifandom and explore the depths of hell with me <3”

The first sentence is fine, although it contains some grammatical errors. The second sentence though is just weird, and again contains grammatical errors.

The phrase “explore the depths of hell with me” would make me find another seller to work with.

Instead of writing about hell, why not instead write something positive, such as how long you’ve been creating art for, or how many designs you’ve created over the years, or how many satisfied clients you’ve worked with.

Weirdness appeals to a minority of people. In other words, you’re far more likely to put off buyers rather than attract them.


Hey! Thank you. I really did not look at the description from that perspective. But it makes sense when you say weirdness appeals to a minority. I have updated my bio giving it more thought to explain the person that I am. Thank you~~ your reply really helped me.

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Hi there…,

Your gigs descriptions is too short.
You should think as newbie buyer who want to order from you.
What information newbie buyer need to know…

for example…
Do you have other style? or you only offer this kind of drawing style?
How to begin? What do buyer need to prepare before ordering?

BIG resolution? What is the exact dimension? A2? A3? A4? Mention in what dpi too.
Final files? JPG?
What if buyer need for printing? Are you able to convert it to vector? in .ai ? .pdf? .Corel?
What is the delivery files?

Learn from other top competitor.
You can gain information needed for your descriptions.
DO NOT steal their gigs though. They can report you.

Wish you luck,