It's been more than 1 week and just 1 sale!


I’m new to Fiverr. I’ve started my gig almost 1 week back. There are no sales except 1 which was due to our promotion on Facebook. I know most people suggest us to be patient and gigs will roll by as soon as u get a headstart. But the thing is each day passes my gig goes further below on the search and soon no one even bothers to go so much down. Its not even being displayed on the auto (Fiverr’s mix) screen. The view counter is not working to add to the confusion.So yeah we are pretty much stuck up !! Any suggestions ??

Thanks !!


you will have to drive more traffic to your gig (promote it) like you said you get one sale due to your promotion rite ? make more promotion = more sales and be patient <-- again… Ratings of the first sale should really help you to get started and get more sales I am a starter too … Working my ass out promoting my gigs around good luck and check out my gig :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah we have been trying to drive more traffic to our gig by promoting more. yeah we will be patient and just hope for the best. THanks anyway and all the best to u too !! :slight_smile: