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Its been more than a week no order

Its been more than a week still no order… Why fiverr why

It depends on the service your offer on Fiverr…You should also try Buyer request to see how you can get more order…

You are doing really well. I think you need to be patient!

I’ve just joined as well :smile: No orders yet, but I’m very optimistic! :yum:

Also you seem to be doing well! Glad to see that :blush:

Be sure to use Buyer Requests every day when you’re just getting started. Get a few reviews from that and then the orders will start flowing in! I know Buyer Requests can be a pain because you’re often underselling your gigs to get some money and working too much for what you receive, but in the long run, it will be worth it! This may also be helpful for you, @abbeybattey!

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Oh, thank you a lot! I’m still getting used to Fiverr and didn’t even know those existed :sweat_smile:

I’ll be sure to check them out! :grin:

I’m starting to think they did change something. I have also received just one order this past week from a new customer - all other orders were from my regulars.

This is extremely odd, since for quite a few months now I have been forced to use vacation mode regularly since I got swamped with work. And all of a sudden - zilch. Not even messages.