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It's Been Rough and Patchy, But I Got my First Order Yesterday :-)


Amanda Wallace here! I joined Fiverr a week ago and created my first gig yesterday. After sending out lots of offers from the buyers request section, I finally secured an order which I’m working on right now. I hope this launches me into greater things.


Congrats @amandawallace88 on your first order and wish you lots of success ahead for your future sales :slight_smile:


Woohoo !
Great job, I know how awesome it feels !

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! Like I said, better things are coming for us all!


Thanks a lot @perfectionist23 ! How’s sales going for you?



I’m also working my way to the first order,still nothing after 20 days,but I’ll get there :blush:

Keep it up!


I quite understand your plight. Don’t give up. If you’re doing everything right you’ll get an order soon. Keep the fire burning!


Sales have slowed down for me since last few days due to lots of forced cancellations and my gig having gone down from 1st page to 6th now :slight_smile: Hope things pick up with new year.


I hope the same for you.
Do you mind offering a few tips on how my gig can get to the first page too?


You surely will, its just a matter of time. Keep patience, orders will start pouring in once you get your first order. Keep doing your best :slight_smile:


I do not think I have reached a stage yet where I am eligible to provide any tips to be honest :slight_smile: I would just say try to provide the best and quality work, great communication, great after service and keep reading as much as you can on this forum and fiverr academy, you will find many helpful and informative posts to improvise yourself further. Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


@perfectionist23 After reading every information available on the internet about getting that first sale or anything to do with Fiverr in general, I have recently started listening to podcasts. It helps me keep my mood up! I’d definetly recommend it to anyone.


Congratulations , that’s the way to go.As long as you deliver , and make your first client happy


Exactly. Keep doing and delivering your best to your clients :slight_smile:


Oh thats great. I will surely get into it after your suggestion.


congrats…do your best hoping for the good…:slight_smile:


Congrats on your first sale. I also made my first sale quickly, and I have provided great service and quality gigs. I have been selling gigs for just over a month and my best selling gig is now on page 2 for a great keyword.

I think the trick is to keep the sales coming in, to consistently get good reviews, make sure all your orders are delivered on time and keep your response time as quick as possible.


Great tips @lynnehuysamen :slight_smile:


Welcome and congratulations on your first order! Keep looking at the BRs, and once you got some shiny review stars, that will help you get more orders.
Lynne is very right with the deliver on time, I think that´s one of the most important points to avoid negative reviews. Good quality and communication never hurt either, of course. :wink:
Much luck and success and fun! for the outgoing and the year to come!


Best feeling to get an order. Congrats. hope you can get more sales days ahead.