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It's been three hours and I still don't have a sell?


How long does it take for a first gig to sell ?
I’m a digital illustrator on summer break from work. I created my account three hours ago and nothing happend ?
I can find other people with similar gigs that have gotten sales. I have checked all the right keywords.
What am I doing wrong ?


3 hours?? As in 180 minutes… Are you serious?


I swear I thought this was a Fiverr Veteran making a sarcastic post, lol.


Hehehehe. You can expect some more 3 hour cycles. Quite some more.

Good luck!


I’m sorry, I was trying to check If I did everything right. It feels like I should be doing something else but I have no idea what. I see people with very weak under-done gigs getting buyers and there’s nothing on my side. Is this normal for you guys ?..


Just wait. Get worried if you don’t sell a thing after like a month. Otherwise, promote yourself and try to send traffic to your newly created gigs. I don’t know how much my first order took to arrive, but it certainly wasn’t 3 hours.


When you check those sellers with under done gigs, can you take note on when they joined the site. Because I can assure you, it wasn’t 3 hours ago.


Same as me, lol. #Fingerscrossed.


OMG! It’s been 5 seconds I’ve taken the medicine and still it hasn’t cured my headache. :confused:


Welcome to Fiverr. I hate to tell you this but some sellers wait months to get their first order. Check the forum for tips and read the for details on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Good luck! :slight_smile: