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It's been three weeks now .... NO SALES YET for me ! :( Any suggestions from any one?

I created my gigs almost 3 weeks 3days ago … but dont recieve any sales :frowning:

You need samples. YOu have a powerpoint gig but no sample of any presentations you made. TAke a good one, save it as a quicktime video and use that for your gig. Same thing with your movie gig…and all your other gigs, you need actual samples.

ALso, your profile should not just be a list of your gigs but a bit about you, your training or education or professional experience, anything that would make someone want to buy from you.

sPend some time researching gigs that are similar to yours from high rated sellers and look at what they write for their portfolio, their gig descriptions and what kind of photos and samples they have on each gig.

Work hard

Be professional

Be patient and don’t lose hope

Superb advice … Thank u very much!! … photoshopbeauty & sincere18 … !!!