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It's been two weeks, five detailed gigs and no orders yet. Why people? What am I doing wrong?


Congrats on your 1st order :slight_smile:



Thank you for your first order. Appreciate it. Please check your emails, I’ve already delivered the article :slight_smile: It took me four hours of detailed research and writing. Maybe because I am not that all in to serial killers writing.

But that’s the thing, I can write about any topic with my detailed research, passion and willingness to write original and best quality write-up.

Hope you will like it. Added 140+ words to a 500 words article as a bonus! :slight_smile: Hope you will love that too.


For those who recommended a buyer request, I tried sending a buyer’s request to promote my service. But it was not only unaccepted but I was warned from doing that again. Not sure how did you guys use buyers request to get work.


No you don’t send a buyer’s request - you go through the buyers’ requests and see if anyone’s looking for your services - e.g. does anyone want an article written.


Thank you, i am impressed :slight_smile: That was fast and spot on. I am actually gonna double use the article (blog article and youtube video description) :stuck_out_tongue:
I will come back (if you are not tired of serial killers) :slight_smile:


By the way, I should definitely give a vouch to @wp_kid who recommended me to start a forum thread and ask for opinion first. It’s only because of his guidance and keen suggestions of you people that made all this possible. Thank you.

Looking forward to a great feedback from @therelaxer - Fingers crossed, let’s see. :slight_smile:
Edit: I could not post this due to new user limitations. I am glad you loved the article. I would definitely write more for you.

Let’s hope for more orders. Wish me luck guys :slight_smile: If I can help anyone here, it would be all my pleasure.

Edit: @offlinehelpers Noted, thanks.

Edit: Finally, after long waiting of 4 hours as maybe I surpassed the amount of posts I can make as a new user here. I could post again! :slight_smile: Waiting for more orders. Let’s see how this goes.


I feel happy for you. Though you started new business on Fiverr, but you have a lot of web experience. Soo you will have lot of orders. Good Luck.



Stay blessed :slight_smile:

Yes, I am up for the challenge. Thanks to @therelaxer for getting me started. And yes, I’ll never forget @offlinehelpers and @blaisefaint specially but also @benjamin5va @jhallawalla in helping me to get started here.


Just an update, I’ve made a quick video and submitted at Fiverr. It seems like they may take around 24 hours to review and approve the video.

I had a lot of different ideas but thought to get started with a practical approach rather than an ideal ones. So it’s kind of an “okay and so-so” video. I could do much better but really wish to get some feedback on my video when it’s live.



You were my lucky charm. 10 minutes after you delivered, I got my 1st sale for 30$ :slight_smile:



Great, happy for you. :slight_smile:


Alright, the video is uploaded and live now. Can you please check the thread and let me know video comments? Is it too heavy? Because It isn’t playing smoothly at my end.

Here’s my gig:



Dear Adnan:

Watch Reservoir Dogs, then rehearse, then re-do the video.

Re-do it as many times as it takes for you to look polished.

Try to find a different background (don’t be brushing against the curtains, it’s distracting).

Put the camera on a tri-pod.

Good luck,



I quite like your video. I would remove the part where you discuss receiving your first 5 star rating, though. When you have received 3, 4 or 5 reviews, this line of text may confuse the viewer.



Noted. :slight_smile: I have a Manfrotto Monopod. I do have a Tripod but it ain’t any good, it’s head is broken. I’ll practice. Hope to get more orders in the meantime.


Thanks for appreciating. I’ll revise that in my next video. Hope this video will bring a few orders. :slight_smile:


Since yesterday, I’ve received 43 views and 32 clicks on this gig but no order. That was alarming for me. Maybe it isn’t alarming for others. But from how I understand, there was something wrong in my description. I learned from other fellow writers and edited my description.

Looking forward to results by tomorrow. We will see what happens to views, clicks and orders. Those who read my earlier description will be in a better position to judge the difference. Hope you will like it more. :slight_smile:


Dear Adnan:

I used to point posts like this one to an article that clicks and views are meaningless statistics, but that post went away with the Forum upgrade.

Don’t stress over clicks and views.

Your goal is sales, and Buyer Requests may be a key tool, at least until you make it to Level 1.

Good luck,


Hey Bro! I just saw your video on your gig. You look good andI like your presentation skill :wink: I’m sure you will able to attract a lot of buyers now.


@wp_kid, Thanks for that moral boost dear. And guess what? for a very limited time, I am offering 650+ words for only $5 within 24 hours

I mean it just can’t get any better. Let’s hope for best! :slight_smile:


I’m a developer :wink: So don know much how creative services works. But I like your presentation :wink: and sure many potential buyers will like it too :wink: