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It's been very sloooow :(

Been a slooow few days, slowest in a while. I just updated my gigs so hopefully, I start picking up more clients soon. I guess that’s what happens when you take a long break from Fiverr lol.
How are you guys doing?


Awesome Services. Happy to see you


Hi there @psychicbunny, hahaha SLOOW few days, funny! :smile: Sometimes it is nice to just to have a SLOOW (as you so funny described) time now and then. At least you have some time to go through your Gigs and maybe editing your content and optimize your images etc. Wish you further success! Good luck.

Kindly Humberto


Yeah you are right. I’ll try to edit some of my gigs and tweak a few things in the meantime!

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This month has been the worst. Last month the best. What changed?

Have they started placing “best sellers” section ahead of the"recommended" section or something?


Not as “hot” as I would like. But I did take a week away. Had a one star review. IDK. The ebb and flow of life on Fiverr.


I fear the edit… Never know how that will affect them.

First time my gigs seem to not be visible lately. So strange after last month’s marathon of orders. Something changed.

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Same. Such a drastic contrast.


Almost half the month but not even reached 25% of last month.


Many other veteran best sellers are having the same problem. I’m one of them.

I see that recommended and relevance filters are more crowed with more expensive gigs than before. The same for best selling filters.

This is very clear that fiverr is trying to make more money with cheap strategies.

I really like fiverr, but sometime (or many times) it’s really disappointing.

This is being the worst month in 3 years for me.


Same here.
This month slower than December (which is actually slowest month in freelancing).
There are a lot of poor and overpriced gigs on first pages.
Impressions, clicks, views, orders - all goes down.
My only hope - previous clients.

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Maybe they deliberately slowed down sales for the stock IPO today?

Now the company earnings are open to the public. It sounds silly I know.

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There are businesses that can be doing quite well, and then go into a slump for a short amount of time, and this is due to some random factor, like low traffic on the site.

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Seriously Not Understanding What Happen to fiverr from last 2 month didn’t get even 1 order from new client its just about some old clients are saving life Lots of changes happen

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Yeah, I’ve had my gig up for almost a month now and I cant seem to get any orders.

Do you know why your sales are suddenly dropped?
Check this topic Sales dropped by 70% after small fiverr update

This is the time I believe people really take time off. It is the end of school years, and with the 4th of July in America, people vacation. Been that way since I have been on here.

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YES, as you would have seen in the recommended section of logo design and whiteboard&animated explainers there were sellers who were featured and did not had even one buyer. They were featured just because they sold expensive gigs

Same here! No single ORDER for over 2 months now.