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Its better to ask from customer to vote or not

Hi there,

As there are so many people who dont vote after the project marked as complete I want to know it is better to ask them to vote or just wait maybe they do it without asking.

Thank you

Personally in general i don’t like it when i’m asked to vote and thus i don’t mention anything about ratings to my clients.

If you choose to ask then i recommend being as subtle as possible.

For one thing we tend to call it a “rating” not so much a “vote”

I would not ask the buyer, it is normal that not everyone wants to leave a review or rating. What you can do is at the bottom of the letter you write when you deliver your work at the bottom is to say something like Thank you for ordering from me, if you were satisfied with your gig, please take a moment to give a rating. Thank you.

Thank you guys for the suggestions