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It's bye for now

Hey forum friends, it’s been almost five years now I’ve been a part of this forum, though I’ve not really been in many posts on the forum lately, as my limited forum time has been mainly taken up with mod duties behind the scenes. But I did want to say goodbye to those who I did enjoy chatting with over the years.

I came to realise that being constantly exposed to the more negative side of the forum (which is what happens when you mod) isn’t much fun for me personally. Like the other mods, I’ve been exposed to more posts than I would like, where I’ve got upset and often frustrated at how rude and often cruel people can be on the forum sometimes (to new, non English speaking forum users particularly). Modding means mainly dealing with negative stuff, as is the nature of being a mod.

I was pretty disheartened when I finally got the guts to call out some of the very ordinary behaviour I’ve seen in a post on the weekend, especially because it seems that many forum users justify their behaviour by casting judgment over the people they are rude and disrespectful to.

It seemed the attitude was that older forum users wouldn’t act like that if these other forum newcomers weren’t so lazy, entitled, spoke better English, worked things out on their own {or insert justification here}. When I read that teasing and snarky remarks are justified as they make the forum more entertaining and fun, that was probably the last straw for me. I can guarantee it isn’t much fun for the person on the other end of the “entertainment”.

It made me realise this isn’t somewhere I want to hang out anymore.

Mods here put a LOT of time and effort into the forum for zero return (the other mods far more so than me) and get very little appreciation (often in fact facing criticism for making unpopular choices).

I may enjoy the forum again in future when I’ve had some space, but for now, it’s time to say goodbye :wave:


Bye Sue, thank you for your service as a mod. You’re a nice person.
I agree that we should make an effort to be kind and understanding to newcomers. Please don’t underestimate the amount of free time some of us donate to try to help newcomers.


I don’t at all - I know there are many people who do spend a lot of time helping newcomers and I do appreciate that very much and hope others do too (and I know sometimes help is given that isn’t appreciated by the newcomers).

I think the negativity side of things has just got to me after a while.


I understand. I feel bad when new sellers are struggling to figure things out. I’m not sure how offended any of them are though. I think they are focused on making sales and how to position their gigs mostly.

There are all kinds of cutting of corners and cheating we come across on a daily basis. That isn’t an excuse of course.

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I’m sad to see you go, Sue, but I can understand your frustration. I’ve been proud to think of you as a forum mod, and to know you’ve been working hard behind the scenes. I’ve been a mod in the past (previous Fiverr forum), so I can relate to the challenges. I hope, at some point, you do return. You’ve done a lot of good for this forum, and I’ve admired the times you’ve stepped into topics that took a challenging turn.

Be well, and I look forward to the possibility of when you might, perhaps, return – whether as a mod, or just a fellow forum participant.


Goodbye. We all going to miss you … :broken_heart:

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Goodbye for now, Sue. I don’t know you very well, but from what I’ve seen of you, you seem like a nice person.

Sometimes we all forget that on the other side of snarky remarks is a real life person, rather than just a note on a feed wall. Sorry you feel you’ve had enough.

Take care, leave all of this behind … and know you take good wishes with you.


Really sad to read this Sue

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Good luck to you,

I’m surprised you took all the negativity seriously. The internet isn’t like real life, people say things online they would never say offline, that’s part of the fun.

Offline we have to be polite and mind our manners constantly. Offline, angering someone could have terrible consequences. Online? Insults and sarcasm are our daily bread, the Fiverr Forum is tame complained to other places I’ve been.

Still, you did a good job and I’m sorry to see you leave.

I spend too much time being serious so when I can laugh, I laugh. Sometimes, not too often any more, this forum is the only time I laugh all day.


Hi, @sue_mcl! Wow, just wow. :astonished:

Someone sent me a message about your post. So, I had to swing by the forum to personally say…

It was a pleasure getting to know you. You’ve always been nice to me. You are truly a good person and have been fair to users in this Community. I wanted to personally THANK YOU for your selfless service. I don’t know what happened to cause you to make this decision but I know you did what was right.

I know the Moderators don’t get perks or anything. But just volunteering your time, coupled with the stress, balancing your Fiverr orders, home life. Plus trying to remain transparent must’ve been a challenge.

Real Talk

I’ll be honest the direction this forum is heading is not pleasant. I’d say a cluster… But, I digress! I remember the good ole days when it was a fun & vibrant place to be. The lounge is like a revolving door. One day you’re in and the next you’re out. I remember I used to visit every day just to interact with ‘some’ of the users here. Many of those users are now banned. Nowadays, I’ll be frank and say there are certain users who have a tendency to “bully” other users or talk down to them as if they are children. It has to STOP!

Another thing is threads that turn into a melee when Mods aren’t around. It just looks bad and it gets nasty. I mean who wants to be around a cesspool of negative energy?

It would be beneficial if the community see ‘actual’ forum Staff interacting with users.

Enjoy your break away from the forum. The holidays are right around the corner.
See ya soon! :heart:


Hi Sue,
It’s sad to see you go but I understand 100%.
I hang out here at the forum quite often and if I see a thread I don’t like I can easily chose
not to go near it, but for a mod that’s not the case. It must be stressful.

Personally when I see certain threads I sometimes avoid it, sometimes I leave comments,
but when I do, in lot cases I don’t sound that friendly, I admit it. Hopefully I’m not sounding condescending, but I believe I sound quite angry for sure. I’m afraid I have ( and still am, likely to continue to do so ) contributed to the negative side of the forum.

I am fully aware of what I’ve been doing and I personally don’t feel sorry for my actions, but I do 100% feel sorry for you being effected by the negativity etc. I’m not sure if you will decide to come back, but I hope you do somewhere in the future.

Like @nikavoice said, the holidays are around the corner.
Enjoy, and have a good one!