It's called "The Ranting Pot" for a reason, right?


I have a great big pet peeve, and today it’s repeatedly smacking me over the head. I HATE LIARS & FRAUDS! I feel better just for saying it out loud. :slight_smile:

I’ve been working in marketing and advertising for more than 7 years, so not only do I appreciate the value of good ‘spin’, I have awesome talent and skills for it. BUT, the line has to be drawn at full-on lying. I understand that everyone has a different moral compass and some folks are A-OK with doing anything for a buck, but come on people have some self-respect!

P.S. The reason it bothers me so much is because I am an honest, hard-working person who continually gets plowed under by unscrupulous people who get paid fat stacks by more unscrupulous people to trick and take advantage of others. And to be honest, there are times that “yes, but you can sleep better at night knowing that you do what you believe is right” just doesn’t count quite enough to balance out the resentment.

Rant over, thank you. :slight_smile:


I’ve become accustomed to reading spin. Just read any article on the Huff Post. And product advertising? Lies, lies, and more lies! With that said, I admire your position. Unfortunately, I think the behavior you’re describing is on the increase.


Reply to @integritymedia: Thank you.

Not very long ago I laughed at the people who said the world was “going to hell in a handbasket”, but as you say, all the lies are increasing so much, honesty and integrity are becoming the exception, not the rule.


Reply to @itsyourthing:

I read an article recently about a 50 year ongoing study. It says college students currently have the highest level of narcissism than ever before. Not to pick on college students, they just happened to be the guinea pigs for the study. :slight_smile: Also, they had an increased sense of being more “special” than everyone else, accompanied by a lack of responsibility and sense of entitlement. They also have a disconnect when it comes to how good they believe their abilities are compared to actual reality. If interested, you could find the study by Googling. It’s funny. Reading your post made me think of this. I believe it all ties in to a behavior pattern that may be becoming more common. Going to hell in a handbasket, indeed.


Reply to @integritymedia: I’ve seen a few of those studies - why I keep reading them when I know the outcomes, I cannot say. :slight_smile:

I read something about the ‘special, entitled, unrealistic, irresponsible’ etc., issue not too long ago. It was a ‘day in the life’ sort of newspaper story of a middle-class family. The teenager wouldn’t even put down his phone to tie his own shoes when they were running late to school/work. It literally wasn’t worth his effort. I don’t blame the ‘youth’ so much, I blame the parents. The dad actually tied the kids shoes because it was quicker and easier than arguing about it! So, not only do the parents reinforce this ridiculous behavior - they trained their children to be arrogant, selfish and lazy because they themselves couldn’t be bothered to take the time to teach them how to be decent humans. And when Junior can’t get a job they’ll cry that he’s being discriminated against and allowances have to be made to suit his ‘unique personality’ - or Junior will end up on disability because he’s depressed that the world doesn’t bow down to him.

Sorry, I got a little ranty. This is one of those subjects I have personal experience with, and little tolerance for. :slight_smile:


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Exactly! Agreed 100%.

"…The dad actually tied the kids shoes because it was quicker and easier than arguing about it!.."

It sounds like this kid has been running the show for years. And the father thinks it’s just too much trouble to discipline him. If there was a why-do-I-have-to-tie-my-shoes argument, that should have taken place back when he was 6 or 7 years old. It could have easily been settled by, “Because I told you so!” :slight_smile:


I hope you have children or are having a positive influence on some. The world needs well-raised kids to balance out! :slight_smile:


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I don’t have any children, just a lot of opinions! lol.


Haha! Same here!


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lol :slight_smile:


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Well, this abstract rant was written nine days ago, so, there have been approximately 100 juicy reasons since then!

Even though I literally have to bite my tongue or twist up bits of paper into tight little knots to stop my hands from typing, sigh I fundamentally believe that it’s unprofessional (and somewhat impolite) to publicly call out all the idiots I encounter in any given day. Like when someone who has owed me $1200 for work (“urgent deadline” “need it yesterday”) I completed ten months ago - and they keep telling me that they are absolutely broke and promise to pay me as soon as they get some payments they have been waiting for… and then proceed to post dozens of pictures on Facebook of their brand new kitchen remodel (complete with granite, glass tile mosaics, antique copper washbasins etc.) and follow it up with "Yay, we confirmed our vacation reservations - here’s the resort we’re staying at."

That sort of thing, just as an example. :wink:


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Reply to @vedmak: Since you seem to be making some judgment calls on my person, I’ll tender a couple of my own. I suspect you are quite young and/or have always had some sort of fallback income/financial support. Have you ever had to make a decision to either spend $10,000 to hopefully secure $15,000 that’s owed to you within a year or three, or continue to ‘play nice’ and more likely only wait 10 months to get your full due? Or had a contract with a MAJOR media corporation and then found out that it takes 9 months for payment to clear all of their assorted bookkeeping departments?

My spine is fine and well, and so is my sense of return-on-investment. Unfortunately, eventually coming out ahead (or at least even) sometimes causes difficult times temporarily. 5#17 can fall on anyone at any time, and in the US at least, it’s not the small business owner who gets billion dollar bailouts. In short; when you need to eat you have to take a chance.

I have filed a few successful cease and desist notices, but again, that doesn’t get the money. It takes a fat percentage of what’s owed to hire a collection agency (or five times what’s owed for an attorney) and then you only have a slight chance of recovering it. Spite doesn’t pay bills. (But it sure does feel good sometimes!)

Yep, that’s why I have a few fast, easy gigs here.

Try not to be so critical when you don’t have all the facts or experience. K?


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Diversification is key. And it’s good to know that I gave you no obvious reason to believe I’m foolish or weak. I spend enough hours in a day criticizing myself for only having had two back-up plans instead of three.


Unlike that other thread, I don’t think there was ever any great animosity here. But thanks for checking on the playground. :wink:


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Reply to @vedmak: Yep, I agree but I still wouldn’t use “trust”. :slight_smile: