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Its continuously spreading in Fiverr

Hello, there
Its Me_Bharat SEO team.
It’s continuously Spreading on Fiverr. Peoples are using Fiverr to gain their website traffic and contact many seller get some sample work from everyone, it’s complete. Now explaining, Now it is continuously spreading. We are new here so we every day send our all buyer request and some request are like

I am looking forward to a seller who can place my site to google 1 page my website is “

And some like,

Who has the strength to give me a backlink from this domain “

These fake people are don’t have the intensity to buy anything they want to sends some traffic to his website. I also don’t know this, when I was checking some videos on YouTube, I found a YouTuber teaching on how to sends traffic from Fiverr to your website. I show that and understand that the buyer request who adds his budget like $2000 and $5000, with this type of buyer request then they are fake, I also show some request like budget $2000 and more, then we don’t send any offer for this.

All was going well, but now I show some time requesting the same fake request like smart

SEO, I want SEO for my website in monthly basis “

and the smart things are they smartly adding price like $100, $200.
But how can we check these are fake or any quality buyer wants their work done. So we first check their website if they are a recent joiner like in June 2020 or as like, then we don’t send any offer,
But Our First question is if the real buyer also joining at Jun 2020 and want to do there, we don’t send our offer, we may miss a buyer and also if we send the offer, they are fake our 1 buyer request goes to drain, how this will solve??

this is first that speeding continuously then second things that continuously spreading is buyers are don’t need to pay anything but their work will automatically complete, We worked Fiverr from April 2020, we got probably 4-5 massage like that.

Hello, we want 10 expired domains with DA50+ and more, our budget is $5 per domain. This work for long from domain to SEO, We want some sample domain to review then we will place the order.
Hello, I need to publish a guest post on some website with health niche, we don’t need to you publish, you just need to send us the URL and we will do the rest. Send a sample domain fast.

This also a thing that the buyer needs if we do the work that he want. we searched 1-2 domains according to his need and then all the game changed, he never say you anything, any reply, any massage even online. What is this dear !!

if this is not that you want you to need to say “sorry this is not I want” But no massage you ask him tell him anything no reply even online and some are saying “I received very much proposal after I review and final I will contact you”. What is this Dear!!, you don’t ask anything about price, how many days you need to do. No, I will review and ask.

This means they never reply to you, if they contacted 10 sellers, and got 2 domains from each, 10*2=20 domains, their work is done. Nice job by the seller.

So my second question is how to handle this type of buyer. This is Our Gig.

Share if you have any experience like this with any buyer this will help the new seller to not trap by this type of fake buyer and loss their valuable time, efforts and yaa their daily 10 buyer request

Thank You. Have a great and lovely day.
Me_Bharat SEO team

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