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It's feeling so odd to being an expert and work on fiverr

i think the fiverr is a work please where the buyer comes to do there job almost free. some time they want customization at 5usd. it’s so odd. you want any customization on your theme you need offer minimum it’s take long time.this is a problem and other problem is we do not get so many offer of job. so being an expert and working like this, is so odd. and in fiverr there have no way to show my skill. i don’t know my other friends can think but i am gating disappointed to work on fiverr.

for a 5usd job i do not need more then 10 minutes. but the problem is the buyer try to experiment on my work. like first he said the color will be red. after i finished the work he may say it’s not looks so good. i mine they want modification more and more it takes a lot of time. and other problem is in fiverr there have no way to show my portfolio like other market. may be for this i do not get so much offers in a day or in a week. it’s big problem to work in fiverr. if i sell 4-5 gig in a day. it will be ok. but 4-5 gig in a week or in a month … this is so boring.

Never spend more than a 10-15 completing a Fiverr gig. Its just not worth it otherwise.

10-15 minutes, I mean.

Shakil, you should define what you offer for $5 and then it will not be odd. So if you define that it will max of 30 minutes of work then you will have no troubles. Many programmers work here and have no problems with that.

One thing I do not like is that if you are IT expert till now you should learn english a lot better. Any expert in IT field should know english good. Not just that you have troubles to understand requirements but also to google issues you may have.

I had a lot of troubles in past with people who do not understand english good to explain them what I need.


For you in USA it is maybe ok to spend max 10-15 minutes per gig. For someone in lower standard countries $5 is a daily salary. So it differs a lot. Not only by countries but type of the job. C# programming is much more worth than data entry, you can’t expect that for 15 minutes those 2 people earn the same?

Ditto what’s been said above. In one of Fiverr’s recent blog posts, they did say something about how your $5 offering should take you in between 10-15 minutes to complete. If you want to offer more do it–just make it abundantly clear exactly what $5 gets your buyer. You’ll still have some people who try to ask for way too much work, but at least the majority will get the message. For example, on your wordpress gig, you could change the title to something like, “I will complete up to 15 minutes of wordpress work,” so your buyer knows that they can expect up to fifteen minutes of wordpress work if they purchase a $5 gig.

I think part of being an “expert” is pricing your time accordingly. Expertise is generally not purchased for $5 per hour. Not even $5 per half-hour really. If you’re doing that much work (or more) for just $5, then I hate to say it but that’s not very “expert” of you.

I do logos for $5 and the logos I show in my gig are ones that I’ve spent maybe 10-15 minutes on. I have logos I’ve done that have taken hours, days sometimes even. But I don’t show those here because that’s not what I’m offering.

Like others have said, maybe you need to adjust your offers to better reflect what $5 actually gets the buyer.

One thing I’d change about your gigs is the phrase “any kind of …” That might lead people to think that you really do any kind of WordPress work for $5. When really I think what you’re offering is installing existing themes, plugins, etc. You’re not building WordPress components for $5, or building custom themes. But the phrasing you use is a little too loose. Nail it down, clearly define what $5 pays for.

That you mentioned “No way to show my portfolio like other market”, I think it need to be changed. Because fiverr gig and flicker allows show your portfolio.

You can enable a live portfolio–which will show work you have done for your buyers right along with the other pictures you’ve uploaded to your gig, or you can make some samples and upload them to your gig on the edit page to serve as a portfolio of your work.

If buyers are asking for too many modifications that you don’t think are justified, you can always enact a modification policy that is very specific about the conditions under which you’ll make changes to a delivery. For example, if they ask you to make something red and after you’ve delivered it, they now say they would prefer blue, you can tell them that you only make changes if you failed to follow the original brief, which said red. I find that being really polite and pointing them back to my modification/revision policy in my gig description is a good people to understand that time=money.