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It's FINALLY getting warm

Last week Tokyo was freezing for some reason, and now it’s fiiiiinnnaaaaally getting warm…
time say hi to the flowers.

The good thing about living in Tokyo is that you just need to get out of the house and walk for several minutes if you want to see cherry blossoms.

OK, time to get back to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Delightful! :yum:

looks like corn flakes :slight_smile: delicious!! :yum:

Sooooooo purdyyyyyyyy. :sparkling_heart:

this is soooo beautiful. :bird:

@silkroute So sorry to hear that.

@silkroute Damn…where, Mumbai?


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A young teenage boy and girl meet under the tree after the graduation ceremony and they become
a couple…or the boy tells her he is moving far away, and the girl cries with flower petals flying around her.
Welcome to Japan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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They look so fresh and lovely! :heart_eyes:


I’m a new seller but I’ve been on Fiverr quite long enough to notice that some buyers don’t leave reviews after delivery. This got me asking some questions which I hope y’all out there can help me answer.

First, does it mean the order is not yet completed? And when the order is marked complete after the 3rd day does Fiverr add a review automatically?

Second isn’t it compulsory to leave a review of the seller after buying?

I delivered an order and the buyer hasn’t given any review yet. It’s the second day since my delivery and anytime I check, I notice that the buyer had been online a while ago. Could it be that he’s yet to view his delivery?

This may be nothing but I’m really worried, kindly drop your answers.

Hello, not all buyers leave a review :slight_smile: @stanleyoj

@silkroute wow, so sorry to hear that. I didn´t even know that melting tar on roads is possible to happen. stay safe!

Oh, Really? How can a seller then know that he’s done a good job?

@stanleyoj I don´t know, sorry.

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@silkroute I’m scared. Here it’s raining and weather is quite cool.But in Ramadan, it’s going to be hell of heat .

@silkroute So sorry :frowning: , but thanks for sharing the photos.

Outstanding.thank you

@silkroute why did you delete your post?

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That’s his hobby