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It's finally up. My new (and probably last) gig! Any feedback appreciated!

After waiting weeks for numerous packages to arrive, recording footage for six hours plus, changing out of dozens of outfits, and editing for about 24 hours total, my new “funny or unusual spokesperson” gig that stemmed from feedback received from my previous thread "Would you trust this man?"😬 My recent experience as a video spokesperson seller! is finally online!

I decided to purchase a lot of clothing and accessories that I would never be seen normally wearing, and jump full throttle into playing the funny, weird, and unsavory characters that buyers seem to like for me to perform as.

While my cowboy gigs were the most difficult to create, this gig was by far my most complex to edit, and personally, I think it blows my original green screen gig’s video out of the water.

I am red-eyed and weary from working on this heavily for the past few days, but I’m fairly happy with how it has turned out, and even more happy to have got it finished. :smile:

Any opinions, feedback, critiques, suggestions, or whatever would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and as for this possibly being my last gig, I think 6 is a nice round number and I think my services offered have diversified enough at this point, but I know to never say never… :wink:


I truly wish I needed to hire you, your gig video was awesome!!


Ok so if I get it right for $5 I can hire you to saunter down the dolce vita to the bank dressed as a former president, fire your guns in exchange for copious cash, convert to crypto, whereupon you will go ahead and make my day. Brilliant :cowboy_hat_face:

Nah seriously, brilliant video.


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Haha! Thanks! I know that the demand for a long-haired weirdo on video is a bit limited, but I’m planning on cornering the market!

@benedictrm Well, that task wouldn’t be a $5 job. Maybe more like a $10 job while constantly pestering you to “plees giv 5 star review, I tri vehry hard!” while I’m in prison. :laughing:

Thank you kindly! I was a bit iffy while recording the footage, but it seems to have come together half-decently!


It done comeded together mighty fine podner.


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I love this!



Congratulations ! I hope your portfolio will be live for upcoming epic performances !

On a technical note, which camera do you record with ? I like the quality and would love to have it for my own gigs introduction !


I’ve always had Live Portfolio active for my gigs. Not planning to change it for this one either!

Currently using a Sony Alpha a6400 mirrorless digital camera with a Sony 18-105mm lens. Sony’s probably have the best auto-focus face detection, but their menu interface is not user friendly. It’s been serving me well so far!

Would love to get my hands on a new Sony Alpha 1 camera, but coughing up $6500 right now is not an option!


Thank you for sharing this ! And yes that’s true, I feel it also applies to microphones : the price gap between very good and fantastic mics is ginormous.

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Geez, I know quite a bit about that as well!

I started off voice over with a $400 Electro-Voice RE20 microphone, then moved to a $1000 Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic, and finally splurged to get a $3600 Neumann U87 Ai.

I’m still paying for the Neumann, but I’m glad I got it, or else I wouldn’t be able to use the Sennheiser as a boom mic for my video gigs, which is almost all the type of work I receive nowadays.

Freelancing is definitely a long-term marathon for me, and not a quick sprint, or else I wouldn’t have invested even a quarter of the amount into gear/outfits/DIY work/sound treating/lighting/and so many other things that have bit into my savings account.


The great thing with microphones (and I assume cammie-rars) is that once you have a clear signal, there is more value in improving the Story, the Performance, and the Presentation (Mixing etc) than there is in needing to rush into vastly expensive diminishing returns gear.

The song I can claim the most Plays on (over 21,000 before it got taken down by YT) was recorded with a nasty USB mic that I had to work a little to get nice (I did the vocal prep). Audiences didn’t care about the technical limitations, they just wanted to hear the song.