Its fiverr policy to allow dual hiring?


One of my client hired two sellers simultaneously and second one completed order fast. Upon delivery of first one, buyer provide negative feedback because he have asked to cancel order.

Upon CS feedback, they said we only remove feedback of it violates our Terms and services. So its means dual hiring is allowed at fiverr marketplace.


How would you know (as a seller) if a buyer had bought from two different sellers?

Why would a buyer tell you if they had hired two sellers?


Buyer told me to cancel order because he have hired another one


The buyer cannot leave feedback if the order’s been cancelled and they’ve had a refund.

For them to leave a review, you must have delivered something, with which it seems they weren’t happy. All you can do is to contact CS, which it seems you have.


My concern is seller protection to prevent order cancellation base upon dual hiring.


But your buyer didn’t cancel - otherwise they’d have got a refund and wouldn’t have been able to leave feedback?


Fiverr allow buyer to leave feedback upon order cancellation as well. Thats why I didn’t cancel it and deliver completed work because work was done.


Your buyer commented that they had a poor experience, there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing in his/her message that violates TOS.

They ordered, you delivered and got paid.
As long as the feedback itself doesn’t violate TOS it doesn’t matter what the reasoning is. You’re free to leave your comment to that review. An exception would be if buyer tried to use a negative review to force you to give a refund. (CS would need to investigate that and they make the decision since they can see what actually went down)

I’ve hired multiple sellers myself and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as sellers get paid and fair feedback is given. I often hire 2-3 logo designers to get more options to choose from, but all designers get paid and a fair feedback.


A buyer is allowed to hire as many sellers as they want.