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Its frustrating When Buyers dont give review


Hi i have been working on a project a desktop application i
worked on it for about a week and now when i submit it ,it is marked as complete and buyer liked it but
he is not giving me review.Is there any solution for this because its my hard work and i need it.


Well you can ask him nicely to review your service, but after all it’s his choice to rate you or not - you got paid for your work. :wink:


You are right,but reviews are meant to take up your loyalty level and performance status,and help you getting more orders


Yes that is very much true. :wink:
Still, review is not obligatory, while the payment is of course. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would probably ask him nicely (I actually never needed to ask anyone, as 99% of my clients leave review) in your place. :wink:


Don’t beg for a review, rather just provide your 101% customer services and service each time, make every replies personal and connect with them and your reviews will come along the way =)


There’s not much you can do without annoying the buyer, I’m afraid. Fiverr reminds them to review the order twice, and if they still don’t want to do it, it’s their right.


It is also frustrating and amazing as well when we don’t do good work and we wish the buyer forget to leave any review. Mixed feelings but I think the buyer should cooperate the seller in every thick and thin.


matevzs1 you are right seller is got paid but review is more important then $ because seller is work for best review , and also buyer place those gig who have positive review .


It is frustrating. Even more frustrating is not getting any sales. At least you have that. :smiley:


i also face thiese problem i dont know why buyer do that


First you shouldn’t ask him to leave you a review.
2ndly, just let it be, you can’t do anything about it. He has his room of about 10 days I think to leave you a review. wait for it, and if he still doesn’t, move on and stay focused.


Don’t do this if you dint want to get a warning for a violation of the TOS.
If a buyer wants to do it he will do it if not move on.


Well, I wrote that 1 year ago. To clarify, I never ask for a review, as I receive it from 80% of my clients, which is enough for me. But, you can ask for it (I agree it’s annoying, that’s why I don’t) and it’s not against the ToS as long as you ask something like “I would appreciate it, if you could leave me an honest review, so I can improve my services.” and not for a good review - that would be against ToS.