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It's getting depressing

It’s been two weeks since i have been on fiverr. I’ve known this platform for about two to three years but i was hesitant to make an account just because of my fear of lack of commitment to this site. Also i know how all the things work but now it’s just getting depressing given the amount of time and effort i put in being on this platform and improving my gigs. I am online on this platform for almost 16 hours per day and always looking for buyer’s requests, but things aren’t happening the way they should. It’s just making me lose hope.


The time spent on Fiverr doesn’t mean anything. It’s definitely not helping with your ranking.

Promote your gigs online, experiment with new descriptions, etc.

Everyone had a rough start and there always were competitors that had more reviews than us. But… with time… things get better. The downside for you is that you’re entering the market when literally everyone wants to make a buck online due to the pandemic.


Your problems are these two. You’re putting too much effort into it and wasting your days on BRs.
Fiverr is a highly volatile, platform mostly for side jobs. Only a few (<1%) sellers make a living on it and it cannot be your primary source of income forever as algorithms, lows and stat hits frequently push even the top sellers back. It is not something you’re supposed to stay 16 hours a day on.
I’m sorry, but what you can do for the moment is seeing if your analytics are healthy and maybe study the SEO a bit, or do some not-clueless promotion outside.

Only to friends, family or local groups though, everything else will not net you a single order. Also remember not to use Google Ads or you’ll be banned!

Your sense of what “should” be is your real dilemma here.

Somehow you have gained the impression that all you need to do is show up, stay here for hours on end, and work will flow in. This doesn’t even make the grade if you were selling socks at a sock market in Sockville where there are millions of people doing nothing but buying every sock they see. I know it is an attractive idea, but the lure of that idea is actually the sign of its falseness.

Matt & Donovan are right. Make Gigs that suit what buyers want (and believe me most buyers in this place really only want garbage - look at what they are prepared to pay) so trying to a) sell exactly the same socks as everyone else for the same price will not win you anything, b) selling good socks for a premium prices will also not really work (at least not at high volume).

Work out what the buyer wants and either adjust to exactly that in a way that your socks stand out for the right buyers (not with silly promises of endless revision and money back or 20 hours of work for $5). The right buyers may be few and far between and I know to be the case for the sort of Mix & Master wok I do. This lets me put most of my energies to better things than chasing what is not really for me anyway.

There is a lot to learn in the Forum if you really read widely, esp from the wiser heads and understand the patterns they create. Then work out how you can fit (or not) into those patterns.


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Thanks for the advice, and also the people who i know were working on fiverr, they were always like “you have to be online most of the time” and so on. That’s why i was going for that approach. Also given the corona situation, earning from fiverr seemed to be the better option.

Yes, i think you are right. The pandemic is the biggest factor here. But Thanks a lot for letting me know that time spent doesn’t mean anything much. It sure will help me.

Well i will definitely try to listen to wise heads on this platform now because some pieces of the i got are absolutely absurd.

Do you know how WD-40 got it’s name?

It came from “Water Displacement Test #40.”

It took them FORTY tries to get the formula right.

Imagine how depressed they were!

I was also very disappointed with Fiverr at first, so I left the platform for a while.

I developed a website to promote my freelance web content business.

Through my website I picked up some business.

I eventually got signed on to be a staff writer at two large web content businesses (one in Canada, one in the USA).

I am now a full-time freelance writer (since 2016) and Fiverr just brings me about 30% of my monthly income.

The rest comes from my contract work and my website.

What am I getting at?

If you are looking at Fiverr to provide you with a full-time income, you will need a lot more time for that to happen.

Yes, many freelancers here are doing that.

However, there are also many like me who prefer to use multiple streams of income so that when one slows down, we don’t get all depressed about it.

I hope this helps.


Yeah you are probably right. I need to change my perspective about some things. Thanks for the great advice.

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Hang onto that hope. When we’re building a business here, we all feel that despair from time to time. Once you get that first gig, things will start moving for you. That’s what happened to me. If you know someone personally who needs the service you offer, offer them a discount if they are willing to complete the transaction here. My first reviews here were from existing clients that I moved 100% over to this platform and friends who were willing to go through Fiverr instead of through me directly.

Also, try having others look at your gig to see if there’s anything you can improve upon. Look at the top sellers offering similar gigs and see what they’re doing that seems to work for them. Do not copy them by any means, but get inspiration from how they’ve set up their gigs and make sure to make yours even better.

I’ve been on here since last fall, and I’m not making even close to six figures, but I’m earning anywhere between $500 to $1,000 / month so far. It just came from being patient, replying to messages, being open to trying new things, and offering the best quality you can. Just start slowly and gain momentum from there, and it will eventually work out.