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It's Happend Again and I'm so Sick


I’ve ranted about this before but now I’m fuming.

A buyer orders a service which I do not offer. I initiate cancellation. The buyer declines and tells me that they will take what I do offer in my gig. - So far so good. However, the second my buyer rejected my cancellation request, my delivered on time ration dropped by 1% and a new cancellation appeared on my analytics page.

Yes, initiating a cancellation is considered a cancellation by the shiny new St Levels system.

Where is the logic in this? I know that I am 100% right about this as on this ocasion, I selected ‘other’ for my reason for canceling. Now this ‘other’ clearly registers in my analytics page as seen below.


I just really really hope that :poop: like this affects celerity Pros like it does the rest of us. Imagine the headlines: Wyclef Jean Demoted to Level 1 Fiverr Seller - True Musical Genius Now Questioned


If your buyer rejected the cancellation request, and you’ve come to an agreement to do the order, will the cancellation disappear when the order is completed, or will it stay even though it wasn’t actually a cancelled order?


It stayed the last time this happened. Then I had 9 cancellations held against me with an actual number of 6. Now I have 6 cancellations held against me with an actual number of 5.

(Actual cancellations being orders which I have agreed to cancel and which have taken place, as opposed to imaginary cancellations like this one and CS scammer support payments.)


That sounds like something CS need to be made aware of.

With the small margin allowed for any ‘mistakes’, it would be more than unfair if uncancelled orders still counted against your stats.


“Sellers… ugh ugh… always… wrong?” -5errs


… oh wait you’re serious."- Us.


The force is clearly strong with you today Master Yoda…


I wanna believe that this is a mistake on your end due to the space slugs you keep chowing down.

Did you ask support about this? If you haven’t please do.


Who the hell told you about my space slugs?

It’s not a mistake my end (as far as I am aware). My orders complete dropped the second my seller rejected my cancellation request, just like it did the first time I noticed this bug. Also, my analytics still show an ‘Other’ cancellation, even though the order has now been fully delivered and reviewed.

I’m not bothering CS. If I was about to be demoted I might. It takes me a lot of effort to try and come across as normal as is required when dealing with bureaucracy types.


Go go Space slugs meme … betcha there is a fiverr seller for that.


We could invite them to the convo, then time travel 26 days into the future and… cancel?

Who’s gonna pitch in a dollar with me!?



"Meany, " -someone in the back


Look, believe it or not, support DOES help in cases like this … sometimes.


I’m not saying they don’t. I just can’t be bothered. Do you know how much writing I do a day? If my fingers had mouths they’d scream at me.


My hands, back, and kidney just told me to tell you to git gud.

I’m honestly a step away from being hospitalized at this point in life. On the bright side, just gotta power through like 2 more months and maintain an income of $4k+ and then I should be able to take my first vacation in 5 years.


You do realize that when I said you could visit me, I was joking.

  • Only joking. I’d love you to visit. Make sure to bring your $4K with you. We’ll have a blast.

Take your health seriously in the meantime. It took me months to grow a new liver and wasn’t easy I can tell you. Worse, kidneys don’t grow back at all. Get out there, pick a bunch of nettles and steep them for a couple of days to make black nettle tea. A gallon of that a day will make your kidneys happy and stop male pattern baldness in its tracks. - Course, your still a wee bit young for that.


Do you really think it’s worth risking your health for $4k? :astonished:

If you get sick or even worse, hospitalized, don’t say $4K, you won’t be even doing $10 :frowning_face:


BTW, listen to his words. It’s true, you’re still in time!

PS: @cyaxrex sorry for the OT


@maitasun @cyaxrex

Yeah, I know. That’s why i’m gonna cut one source of income by October to focus on myself for the rest of the year.

I have been told this one too many times.

FYI, I look fabulous with and without hair.

Great, no take backs.

It’s hard to stop when you don’t know what to stop.


Thank you. I will now call of the brutes. :slight_smile:

No worries. its sometimes just nice to talk about other peoples kidneys. You rarely get the chance when you think about it.