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It's hard to get Buyers Request gigs

Hi All,

New user here! Loving the forum so far and having a great experience setting up my gigs and exploring the site

Today, I had a number of new Buyers Requests come up, about 8 in total, 3 of these were absolutely perfect for me and I offered straight away, two of those I think I was the first one who offered!

Within a few minutes a lot of the Requests had disappeared - I assume they were accepted to another seller?

I think it is hard to get these gigs with all the competitors on here. But I will keep trying!

And how do you know if a Buyer has accepted your Offer? It says ‘Sent Offer’ and then sometimes the whole request disappears. So I assume I didn’t get it


Welcome to Fiverr & the Community! :tada: :sunglasses:

If the Buyer accepts your BR offer, you’ll receive a new order notification.

Sellers who submitted a BR offer will not be notified if they weren’t chosen.

Buyers typically delete the request after they’ve hired the Seller for XYZ project. However, many of them leave the request up, so you will see a large number of offers.


Thanks for information!

I figured the Buyer had already selected a Seller when the request was deleted

I’ll guess I’ll have to keep trying. Hopefully I can get my first one!


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You’re very welcome, Sam. I see you’re from Ireland :four_leaf_clover: very nice. :smiley:

I favorited :heart: some of your gigs, too. :ok_hand:t4:


Thank you! This is why I love the forum, lots of helpful people! :relaxed:

Thanks, I want to get more experience for my gig!

Yep, I am indeed from Ireland! :shamrock:

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Hello sammorrissey,

Welcome to Fiverr. I see that you are already well setup with your profile and gigs and such… I wish you the best in all your endeavors.
And yeah, buyer requests are kinda hard to get because one needs to always be on the look out for them. They can pop up at anytime! And they usually “disappear” very quickly too. :stuck_out_tongue: But don’t give up hope. You will hopefully get an order very soon!

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Hi hanshuber16!

Thank you for the information, and thank you for the good luck wishes!

I noticed the Buyers Request can disappear VERY quickly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: some of them in minutes! I guess the best seller offered very quickly too

I am online nearly all the time so I will keep looking and hopefully can get my first order!

Thanks again!

yeah lol. There have been innumerable times where, the buyer request would disappear even as I am typing up a message in order to reply to the request.

That’s probably the reason why I have seen experienced sellers on Fiverr recommend not to rely solely on buyer requests, but also to advertise on social media and spread the word out to family, friends and colleagues as well. This will help, not only build a strong base for ourselves, but also increases the chances of getting gig orders and custom gigs.