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It's illegal

I can’t understand why Fiverr is not moderating requests for fake TripAdvisor reviews. This activity is illegal in the UK and some other European countries.

Yet again, we have an offer in ‘Buyer Requests’ for a seller to upload material supplied by a food outlet to a profile on TripAdvisor. Sooner or later, the authorities will pose as a buyer to catch someone out on Fiverr. Beware.

While I am having a rant… Why should my delivery be marked as late if the buyer has not supplied the required information and declined my request for the order to be cancelled? I am not late, the buyer is! I understand why the buyer is late, it is for a very good reason, but I should not be penalised for it.

I am starting to have second thoughts about Fiverr. Brighten my day with something positive, folks.

Well, it’s Sunday, there’s the EPL and you’re in the UK…so turn the TV on and watch Leicester City win again…just as I’m doing right now :slight_smile:

This isn’t exactly positive, but it’s full of lols (and in a way, TripAdvisor “done right”):

There you go, Leicester gets a goal…Jamie Vardy again!

Oh oh…

Brilliant! Last minute goal…2-2!

I liked the reply to the woman who gave a low rating to a hotel:
“You were mad that your husband dead-bolted you out of the room.”
“I asked if I could help and you screamed NO as you marched across the parking lot.”