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It's impossible to review a buyer with the blind review system

This is the problem: we do not need to rate buyers. We need a review system that makes sense.

On ebay the buyer reviews the seller. Then the seller responds.

Now it looks like we are responding to the buyer when we aren’t. We can’t respond at all.

Who would ever think that sellers can be reviewed but can’t even leave any response?

Hopefully we can put an imgur URL in our responses. That would give us a place to leave responses and explanations for reviews.


Exactly, and all this leads to is sellers looking like blind lunatics, while buyers bask upon an even higher ivory tower.


Malicious, envious narcissistic buyers, or competitors with extra accounts, can leave hateful untrue reviews, knowing that there will not be any way for a factual response from the seller. Not all buyers read messages or gig descriptions.

I don’t know if this review change is affecting the motivation of other sellers or not… :confused:
It’s the first time ever I’ve felt this way on this site. I feel like a tire with the air seeping out of it.


A staff member has said this should definitely not happen and is investigating.


Indeed. 97% of buyers just submit the details I ask, and nothing else. So there’s nothing for me to review. Can just say something nice, like thank you. So boring! Seller’s review should be a response to the buyer’s review, so it can be a bit personalized when needed. Sometimes buyers don’t know how to communicate, and do that on the review instead. Responding to that communication helps other buyers as well. And the seller can contact the buyer to make sure they see the answer. Discovering that communication attempt in a review after 10 days may mean the buyer has already left the platform.


It’s not going to get us in trouble, but it will affect buyers from purchasing from us again.


I agree the new system stinks and puts MORE in the hands of the buyers than the sellers, a pendulum that is already welded to the buyer’s side as it is.

I’ve tried to not let the buyers review sway my review, but agree that it does limit from ensuring a repeat buy.


Review will be visible on your profile after 10 days.

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Does anyone know if we are allowed to tell buyers that we can’t see their review?
edit: I assume we can.

I personally think Fiverr is doing all they can to “thin the herd” before the IPO

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Why would they do that? Do they only want Pro sellers?


Maybe , just my instinct

@steve_maxell You hit the nail squarely on the head.

Sure we can! Buyers can tell anything in their review, even lies and it’s acceptable according to support. So stating a fact is even more acceptable, and recommended too so other buyers don’t think you’re an idiot for saying only thank you on a review that should receive your side of the story, or other input :joy:


That’s a great point. Imagine if we could see the buyers reviews on Buyers Requests? That would make it extremely convenient when bidding.

I thought about that, but right now I’m at 4.8 and would like to be at 4.9 someday. How can that happen if I don’t review my buyers?

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A certain pepper lady does this now on her reviews and I thought it looked like a good explanation for what might turn out to be an inappropriate review. It helps if you have a way with words so you sound like the ultimate professional of course.


I do not know what is going on at fiverr. Why they make this blind review system without survey by seller and buyer.

Please respect to seller because they are money maker.
Only protect those seller who ask review from buyer.

I don’t care who does it. It looks nasty. I’m a buyer. I don’t care how many cats you have, what you had for dinner, or whether you have a problem with your working conditions. I don’t even know what the term ‘blind review system’ means.

As soon as reviews like this start appearing on every order, it’s going to look like a protest. That’s just ugly and I doubt Fiverr will put up with it for long.


But Pro sellers do it. Sure it looks bad but that’s the position we’ve been put in. At least it’s an explanation if you leave an inappropriate review. That looks even nastier.

They also get comparably poorer reviews and fewer sales.