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It's impossible to review a buyer with the blind review system

Sorry for bringing this up, but I had to.

I had a buyer who placed an order, I delivered on time, he asked for no revisions, didn’t complain, didn’t whine, didn’t attack me.

Then I see that he has left a review, except I can’t see it until I review him.

I assumed it was a good experience, so I gave him 5 stars and wrote: “The blind review system doesn’t let me see what you wrote, but I thank you for your order.”

Now I see he gave me 3 stars (4, 4, 2 for “buy again”) and wrote “you get what you paid for.”

This is ridiculous! I should have been able to defend myself!

The blind review system isn’t working! It’s not creating honest reviews, but fake reviews. What if we all started giving buyers 1-star as a protest? Would that get us in trouble with Fiverr?

I’m very disappointed.


I’m a Fiverr buyer at the moment, and I don’t like the new review system either. In the past, I was able to use reviews to judge a seller’s temperament and find out why some of their orders went bad (so I could avoid making the same mistakes).

Now, I don’t find reviews as illuminating. I feel Fiverr has taken away one of the tools I used to make buying decisions.


I realised that new review system today and I don’t think it’s going to work. It feels forced, like you don’t have a choice.


And then, buyers will start giving sellers 1 star as a protest ? :scream:


When it comes to blind review system fiverr did not research anything no testing nothing. It just pop up in there head and they decided to implement it. i think the Company which make million of dollar and does that crazy mistake and stick to it. It just saying some thing about the company as well.


now you will not know that we are responding to our imagination or to a actual review good job fiverr.


What are buyers protesting about? A buyer may give you 1 to 5 stars based on many factors, because of the blind review system, we don’t know what they are until they write a review.

True, they could have sought out volunteers for the blind review system, and see how it works for them.

I love your comment, and your absolutely right. I’m glad you look for both sides of the story when reading reviews.


What happens when sellers don’t leave the review ? Do buyer’s review appear after 3 days or something like that?


I don’t think you can review a buyer first.
OK, make it a blind review system. However, give sellers the chance to respond once they see the review. If there was no complaint, no issues in messages, a buyer should not be able to write a shitty review, only after resolution attempts failed.


Really disappointed with this Blind Review System!!
How do we get rid of this System?


If some sellers follow your suggestion, buyers could protest about unfair 1 star from protesting sellers.
Fiverr will become Onerr :laughing:


First off, i agree fiverr made this horrible change in their system… :tired_face:

But tbh i don’t think they will change the system, instead after delivering i ask the buyer if he/she is 100% satisfied or not and if they need any more revisions before delivering the order…


This is a fact of blind review…
Buyer… Your are Punk…Bad experience 1 star
Seller… Thanks you… Awesome experience 5 star


I’m just saying “Thank you” in reviews. If I’d said what I wanted for the last few, I would have said: “I really must insist that people do not order what I do not say I provide, and that all buyers read my gig description in full prior to ordering.”

This sounds reasonable. However, in the case of my last buyer who said: “A+++++ service - Andy is a SUPERSTAR! Professional work done super fast. I will be back for more soon :)” I could well have lost a return buyer.

As it is, every review is now a sychophant-like game of Russian roulette.


I fully agree that this is not a perfect system - I decided to continue not leaving reviews for buyers until the reviews actually mean something for buyers, currently it doesnt affect them. I just got my first review posted on my profile after a 10 day break since the blind system was introduced.

I still believe this system is a first step to buyer reviews being shown on their profile like eBay, Airbnb, etc. but I wish it was all being introduced together.

However, (and don’t shoot the messenger/speculator) I think this is exactly what is being sought by Fiverr. You gave your honest opinion of a buyer - the buyer was not problematic, didn’t shout abuse at you, didn’t request unfair revisions etc.

You wanting to use your review to respond to the buyer is exactly what Fiverr don’t want because your rating of the buyer would be based solely on the fact that they were not happy with the delivery, not how they behaved or acted during the order. That is not an accurate review of the buyer - eg. 1-star, buyer was a nightmare - when in fact all that happened was they didnt like the delivery (rightly or wrongly, as you say all the time; your work is highly subjective).

Put simpler, a buyer should not be marked as a bad buyer simply because they were unhappy with the delivery and this system is supposed to combat this. My issue with the system is that it does not affect buyers and if/when that happens, it will make a big difference to sellers to be able to see the reviews left on buyers by other sellers.

From a buying perspective, I would love to have my over 200 orders showing as five star reviews on my profile that sellers I want to work with would see. I think it would make people much more willing to work with me and potentially give better rates and just be more at ease too.

Finally, I think that there will be some tweaks to the system - the ability to respond to a review is part of customer service and offered by many sites, separately to a review of the buyer. It is a great way of assessing a seller and how they deal with problems.

PS. I agree with your premise and issue regarding leaving a review now and not being able to respond - it is unfair and tends towards making a seller look silly.


Alas, you also believed that St. Levels would eventually be tweaked to take into account things like unavoidable mutual cancellations.

As for Airbnb etc, the huge disparity here is that such companies do give sellers/vendors a right of reply to poor reviews. Also, these are very helpful for new users who want to gauge the actually quality of services/hosts/establishments.

There is no reason why seller reviews of buyers need to be blind before showing them on buyer profile pages.

In the example @fastcopywriter has cited, I as a buyer would feel much more comfortable buying from him if I saw a response to a review saying: "I’m very sorry that you were for some reason unhappy with your delivery. Please note, though, that I would have been happy to revise your order, if you had asked for a revision."

Instead, reading: “Thank you for your order,” makes it seem like sellers just don’t care.

That said, please for the love of God, could sellers stop writing “The blind review system doesn’t let me see what you wrote etc…" Buyers don’t know or care what the blind review system is. This just looks trashy at best.


In this case however, there is literally no point to forcing “honest reviews” without them showing on the buyers’ profiles whereas the unavoidable mutual cancellations are an unfortunate byproduct of a bigger goal. Not excusing that massive oversight, just pointing out the difference in the situations and I imagine the sorting out of that is probably still on someone’s to-do list…

I agree with this - it looks bad when a seller seems to ignore the review.
I would prefer to see a reply to the review separately to a review of the buyer:
First comes the Buyer’s Review - you get what you paid for

Second comes the Seller’s Review - There was not much contact necessary for this order but there were no issues with the buyer

Third comes the Seller Reply - I wish you had told me there was an issue before reviewing but you did not contact me at all. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you

In this way, if the reviews show on a buyer’s profile, there is no reason for the Seller’s review of the Buyer to show on the Seller’s profile. Just the Buyer’s review of the seller and the seller’s response, if any.


a few things. if you do not reply to a blind review after three days you cannot reply to it at all. Its just 11 days before it appears. I forgot to reply to a few and when I went to I couldn’t. it just said order completed. Three days.

If someone messages you (on the order page) after leaving feedback you cannot read it until you leave feedback, or the feedback appears, by which time you will probably not do so. I had someone leave feedback and then ask for help. I would never have seen it unless I replied to the feedback and they would have been extremely unhappy. Hiding messages to stop you knowing what feedback has been left is one thing but stopping them from asking for help is going to cause real problems.

I don’t really like this (blind feedback) either but a lot of people have been putting pressure on buyers to leave feedback. You can blame a lot of Mek sells for this, but there also a lot of other people who have been doing it, people who should and do know better…

I’ve had & heard a lot of buyers complaining about people sending them work reports with pictures of five stars on them and asking for feedback. That’s feedback manipulation.

People asking for positive reviews. not just reviews but positive reviews & wording it to get around fllters. That’s feedback manipulation.

People sending buyers feedback modification requests (before it was removed) because they got 4.7 stars inside of five. (sometimes its the bug that is still there). whatever way you look at it thats feedback manipulation.

People going coco loco on buyers and driving them off the platform (this I know & lots of people) because they did not get perfect feedback.

There are lot of new buyers to the platform. They do not trust it and and do not like sellers taking them down a dark alley and giving them a beating because they did not get perfect feedback. Ive spoken to people outside here. they do not look at trust pilot, they do not look at the BBB but what they so look at is how they are treated and if they get a verbal beating the first time on here they are not coming back.

Buyers got p*ssed off and it started to look something like the aftermath of the conor mcgregor fight this morning. I think fiverr said screw it and decided to take this road. I know people are going to turn around and say “yes but thats fiverrs fault for placing the bar so high for levels and indirectly gig rankings” That is true but taking a baseball bat to buyers does not help either. Now we are stuck with this.

This is why we cannot have nice things.

Whatever changes Fiverr were making before people were trying to manipulate to their advantage so their feedback is all five stars.

I’ve had buyers approach me and state this " the feedback is generated because its all five stars" No one likes crappy feedback but having all five stars feedback is neither realistic or possible and buyers do not believe it.

The problem now is we cannot reply to the bad feedback and buyers do look at how you reply to it. This is one of the first things many buyers look at. Buyers have told me that repeatedly and this has been taken away. We do need a means to reply but I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

the only thing you can do for now is to communicate as far as possible during the order process so there are no 'surprises" when the feedback is left and I guess that is what fiverr wants


This is extremely concerning and a crazy situation!


Here are two issues I have with this new system.

First, what does it matter about buyer reviews if we have no option to accept or decline a job? Fiverr is set up in a way to buy and you’re done. So what if we can see buyer reviews if we have no option to accept or decline a job that comes in. If you get a buyer who is known to leave bad reviews or is pickier than others, what will it matter if you can’t accept or decline their job?

NOTHING! We can’t do anything except one of two things - do the job and potentially get a bad rating ourselves or ask for a cancellation that affects us. In this situation, it’s a lose/lose proposition.

Second, we can no longer use our replies to give our interpretation of the order. I’d be fine with the system if I had some sort of rebuttal to it, which it doesn’t. In the meantime, buyers leave 1-stars thinking they had a horrible experience but the seller is none the wiser and is leaving 5-stars… How is that helping sellers and buyers gauge people? It’s not.

The old system allowed us to respond to reviews in a way that allowed us to give us our interpretation. I honestly feel the old system allowed buyers to gauge sellers better. Sellers could respond to negative feedback in a way that was professional and prospective buyers could see if fault of a buyer’s negative was on the seller or the buyer.

Right now, the system makes us look like morons - giving 5-stars on what seems to be a great order to a 1-star review where the buyer had a crappy experience but never said a word. Rebuttals are everything! Fiverr is missing an opportunity to save sellers and their own face!