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Its it really this hard to get something decent on this site?

Maybe im at fault for targeting people who looked like they didnt have alot going on, because I just can’t wait days or weeks for a logo, but I I cant seem to find a decent artist on this site. If its not the worst crap design ive ever seen, its the wrong thing because they dont understand what I mean and type back in broken english, or they take the job and then cancel two days later. God, I know Im being cheap and using the site because I dont want to pay alot of money, but this is frustrating. What was supposed to be a 2 day affair has turned into a week and a half of me going back and fourth with people on fiverr. Blah.

My suggestion is remember the offer pie.

You can cut out any one piece …but not all three… (at least not forever).

You can get:

a) Low Price – more or less ALWAYS true on Fiverr…

b) Great Speed – often true on Fiverr and often more true if you give up a little more $

c) Expert Skill & Quality – also true on Fiverr if you give up a little time and price (much like @Madmoo said.)

Most of the best buyers on Fiverr try several sellers all at once in a hope to find one they will use again and again until that seller changes policy, pricing, or availability.

Yeah, I get what your saying, but at the same every artist knew what they were signing up for when they decided to join Fiver. Design is a rough business, and to think it’d be easier because of a website would be foolish. I think one should expect the buyers to want several pieces of the offer pie because they is the way the world works. :wink:

I’d gladly pay more/add gig extras if I can get a decent person on the other end.

Im not gunna let it kill my vibe on the site, im still looking and hopefully I’ll find someone.

madmoo said: Reply to @anarchofighter: I quote that a lot too! And it's so true.

Hey in the past couldn't we see who liked our posts? Did that change? I don't know if you liked me or someone else?
footballguy1 said: Im not gunna let it kill my vibe on the site, im still looking and hopefully I'll find someone.

Good to hear. I was confused because of your comment about not having the time.

It also frustrating when you get responses like this back ‘ok sir I am on it you will get it soon till that time’ – even more so when they have ‘United states’ and ‘english’ listed in profile.

Reply to @footballguy1: Yeah honestly you’d be surprised that I get responses like that from actual fellow Americans (and not just ones from other countries using proxies). Some sellers are really not that great in the communication department regardless of their native language. As a buyer, I really judge a seller on their gig and profile description because you can usually very quickly tell if the person is comfortable with speaking/writing English or not. Bad grammar, spelling mistakes, and illogical punctuation are all things that will dissuade me from using a seller.

For me I think communication is important to gig success. Maybe it depends on the type of gig you have. I’m not sure how busy the seller you are dealing with is, but I know there are days I feel like all I do is answer questions. As the day goes on, my answers get shorter and my spelling gets worse as my fingers start to ache from typing. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you’ve had a poor experience with buying. I’ve been a buyer for a couple of years, through my own personal account as well as through the company I work for. I’ve only had two experiences that were bad, but they made me change the way I find sellers.

It may be over the top considering these are $5 gigs, but if there’s a gig I’m really interested in, I always check the written feedback (most recent), and if there’s negative feedback, I check the seller’s response and I look at BOTH of their profiles. I also do a quick search on these forums to see if they have posts, and how they interact / conduct themselves.

This may not fair well for newbie sellers (I’m one, myself), but its how I acted as a buyer.