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Its just horrible to be lied to

********** had excuse after excuse and I am out the 5 dollars. 5 dollars is nothing but if your just going to scam people like ********** did me to get 5 dollars then your trash in my book. I donate a lot to charities and being scammed out of 5 dollars just makes me think a little more about helping people, is it really worth it… I hope nobody uses this person, save your money and donate it to a real cause.

can I have $5 too? I will send you some music that might calm you down.

BTW Forum Rules. Read 'em. Do stop donating to charities because of this–the world will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Everyone else should too. This guy needs YOUR charity! Please donate a small part of your soul below.

I’ll waive the fee. (JR Walker & Allstars) now simmer down.

Maybe Shotgun is more appropriate here? what was that movie that featured this? The Malcolm X one? I think it was the scene just before he got shot.

Anyway, great song and great movie, unlike this generic type (a) form 1(tbc)2 section e complaint.