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It's just outrageous and I don't know what to do

Some days ago, a buyer ordered some totally general names for his / her YouTube channel based on 2 example names that I delivered to him / her sucessfully. He / she then left me an one star review:

“I didn’t get what I asked for”

My response was:

“You actually did.It’s totally understandable if you don’t like the initial names, but that’s why you have a free revision that you did NOT use just left me this review…what was wrong with my communication or service? I was friendly,professional and responded quickly as always. It’s just isn’t fair.”

and then he / she contacted me via chat to demand his / her revision that he / she wanted use anyway but had some problems with the website… so I just told him / her “it’s a closed order so I cannot help you with the revision. Custom Support may help you”

and now he / she received the customer support’s response:

SO basically Fiverr expects me to go above and beyond for an already closed order??? and they didn’t even want to delete that review?? and If I contact them regarding this (deleting the review), I’ll get warned because of review manipulation (based on the forum stories)??

And If I ignore this bull*it, I’ll just again get punished. The one star review isn’t enough to them… why does Fiverr drive sellers into a corner in this awful way? How this is even considered right according the TOS? Why am I responsible for the website’s problems (assuming the buyer didn’t lie)?

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I think that Fiverr thinks that if the customer didn’t receive the number of free revisions allowed by the gig/package when the order has been completed that it should be done by inbox message. eg. if they’ve paid for a service which allows for 1 free revision they should really be able to get the free revision even after (maybe mistakenly) accepting/completing the order (and reviewing) - or it auto-completing. A downside is that the system won’t then automatically keep track of the number of used revisions. Though doing it through the inbox can be good customer service and sometimes 3 days before auto-completion isn’t enough for some buyers.

If Fiverr allows (I’m not sure) maybe it could be something to reply to similar reviews with if they ever re-occur where no revisions were asked for and they say something like “I didn’t get what I asked for”. eg. you could maybe say that no revisions were asked for and that if required you could create a revision through the Fiverr inbox. The potential buyers seeing that might think that that could then have helped that buyer who thought they didn’t get what they wanted (so a likely more positive outcome). Though I don’t know if Fiverr might think that was review manipulation or something.



Fiverr doesn’t have a comprehensive position on this. They tell some people they are not obligated to do revisions after the order is closed. Then they turn around and tell other people (me included) the opposite.

My understanding is that you sort of don’t have to do this unless the buyer is being difficult and insists. In which case, you have to provide all the rounds of revisions the initial package included.

I had to revise the delivery I got 1* for. The rating was a result of the buyer being unaware of an order auto-complete feature so I was double mad. The CS refused to remove the rating (it was back when you could still do it) and told me to better revise the file or else. The entire conversation was kind of accusatory, too. Like the buyer wasn’t in the wrong in the slightest and I was scheming to try and get out of the work I was paid to do.

To paraphrase the same conversation with CS, “The entire buyer’s experience with the website can be reflected in the review”.

I cackled at “Don’t worry though!”. I’m so sorry.


Oh dear…

There are so many things wrong here. Of course, none of them are surprising.

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Probably BUT then they should reopen the order or delete that review. What if my revision would be perfect to the buyer?

This reply to “I didn’t get what I asked for” is really great in terms of making the most out of a bad review. Thank you!

I really hoped that Fiverr would give him / her an answer like “We are so sorry but we can neither change it nor force the seller to work on the revision. Next time, make sure you request your revision in time or in the right place.”

Wrong things… made by whom? :slight_smile:


I really don’t understand this justification of fiverr. Do we all are building an empire on creeping sand? which any time can collapse ?

Not you. Whoever decided that its fine to tell a buyer that they can basically request unlimited revisions via a sellers inbox. However, as seen with other threads, you may want to think carefully about questioning reviews in any way, in case you end up with a TOS warning for the trouble.

oh, I’m very careful with it but do I need to be careful with it here on the forum also?
Yes, I noticed that “revisions” in the CS’s response and if you refuse to cooperate ->

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