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It's just to difficult now!

It has been a month and I have no orders, no sales, just views etc and Idk what to do again tbh. I think that it has so many top-rated sellers on Fiverr now that when buyers come to look for a service us new sellers never get a chance. I know others that quit because it’s been months and months of trying to be seen on Fiverr but it’s just not happening. Honestly, I just don’t know what to do.

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Have you been making use of the Buyer Request section?


I only have 30 sent out

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With every chance I get, I’ve heard that because I don’t have a rating I will hardly get buyer request which is true because I rarely get any

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It took me a while to get my first job as a no level. I’m still a no level as we speak.

I now get approximately one job for every 15 buyer requests I respond to.

I also just peeked at your seller page and I immediately see the problem.

All of your gigs are writing-based. There’s nothing wrong with being a writer. (I am one as well.) But expanding across more than one category will open up more buyer requests to you.

As a suggestion, you could combine your CV and letter writing gigs. You could also combine your article and research/summary gigs. Add two more gigs in a different category. If you want the same people to keep coming back to you, then give them good reason by allowing them to combine gigs.

As an example, say you have a book editing gig and a visual arts gig. Bam. There’s your one-stop shop for anyone looking to revise their book and get some cover art or illustrations.

If you have some skills with Photoshop and access to stock images? Bam. There’s your one-stop shop for someone looking to write a blog that also requires pictorial accompaniment.

But then you’ll also get the people who only need writing services and only need image editing services. It’s a much wider net than just the writing on its own.

Of course, you don’t need to offer visual art services if that isn’t for you. It definitely isn’t for everyone, however, the idea is the same.

Optimize your gigs for the best turnover.


Okay thank you, I appreciate your opinion.

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You’re welcome.

I hope it helps you.

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such helpful info! I first came here for Copywriting, then BAMM! my horizon had been broaden! It’s quite amazing!

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Hang in there! It really is about patience and hard work. I opened my Fiverr account a few months ago. It was very frustrating at first. I was following all the advice everyone was giving me regarding creating the best gig possible, marketing myself, etc. I was spending hours each night trying to figure it out and how to get great at this. Still, I was lucky to get one order every couple of weeks. About two months ago, I started to wonder if Fiverr was a failed experiment for me. I was even looking on eBay to see how much I could sell my new microphone and sound equipment for. I am glad I didn’t because right after that, things started to turn around! I am not getting rich by any means, but I am now averaging about one order per day. I even had two orders last Friday! I am still small potatoes compared to the big pros on here, but I am finally tasting the potential. Doubt and frustration will be there. But, you never know what lies around the corner for you. Best of luck!


You should know its not going to be very easy at the beginning. My advice is that you should make the forum your second home, take action on all the tips you get here and with time and little perseverance, you will start getting orders.


Keep at it. Most of the newcomers don’t make it cause they don’t persevere.

I am! The first time I joined Fiverr I couldn’t get through because they said that the market is full with enough sellers. This year I came and tried again. Everyone has a difference experience with Fiverr but I am trying.