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It's like the return to the land that time forgot!


Up until New Year, I had a nice roll going with high-paying, interesting work coming in. I had several intellectually vacant buyers message me, yes. However, work wasn’t too shabby, to be honest.

And now it’s like I’ve gone back in time to my earliest days on Fiverr!

Hi, I have a website can you help?

Help you do what? Eat a hot dog?

I need metatags plz and you need to send me 700-1000 words you have wrote b4 so I know you are good.

Yes, and I need a back massage from the 1994 version of Gillian Anderson but that ain’t likely to happen is it?

We are a successful multination company looking to hire serious writers. The first stage of recruitment will be for you too…

Stop right there.



Can you explain to me what you do exactly?

No, not unless you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life.

Seriously, where is this deluge coming from? Literally, no one has messaged me over the past week who has something reasonable or comprehensible to say. What do these people expect to happen if they place an order? Where do they come from? How have they not perished yet by eating too much of their own hair? I’m just dumbfounded by how people like this think they can set up any kind of business.

Anyway, rant over. They all get automated responses. In this case, it isn’t really a big deal. Really, though, how can people be such poor communicators?


I reply just “I am really sorry, at this time, my services aren’t available. Thanks for understanding”.

Only “I need more info”/

But your observation is right on spot. The same thing happens to me. Just pointless messages that never convert. I started getting them a bit more after I got demoted.


Nope. I did try that automated response. All it leads to is, “what do you need.” Followed by a never ending back and forth which simply isn’t worth the trouble.


Ah, sorry. I did get demoted last year and started getting this kind of message non-stop. But I haven’t been demoted this year! Unless Fiverr is planning to demote me…


I had problem with the disappearing orders, which dropped down my delivered on time a lot. :neutral_face:

Usually, I refer them to read my description and FAQ carefully. Most of them say they are new to Fiverr, thank me, and the issue is resolved. But there are millions of people with different personalities.

Only once, I said that I do not want to work with the client because he was bothering a lot. He kept messaging me “why” and I blocked him.


I get:

How does this work?
What do I need to do?
Do you need pictures?

None of these are unreasonable questions but they never lead the person to place an order no matter what I answer.


I created two templates.
One asks for more info. This is the one I use when I feel that the buyer could be reasonable.
The second one says that I’m fully booked, can’t assist for a while and that I’m sure they will find a matching seller among the thousands of other sellers here. This one I use for people who write stuff like you just described.
End of story.


When I get these kinds of messages, I usually respond with something like:

“Sure, I would love to [do whatever the “buyer” asked]. Please feel free to visit my [gig page] and select a package that best fits your needs. If you have any questions about those packages, please let me know.”

A message like this redirects “the buyer” back to my gig, it gently informs them that all of the information they need is clearly noted on my gig page (they just need to read that information for the answers), and that I am not someone that they can push the envelope with. I offer what I offer. They can easily figure out what they need from what I have written.

In most cases, those “buyers” do indeed place an order, and I gladly work with them from there. Redirection is a good business/communication strategy. Just be sure you pursue it politely. If they order from you, great. If not, so be it. But at least you’re establishing the rules, and letting them know that you’re not going to bend them – unless YOU choose to do so.


I send a custom offer and then stop answering questions.


I swear to god I’m going through the same damn thing. I literally got 8 messages today, new clients, asking about can I do something that I clearly state that I don’t, asking me to do leave reviews (why???), or downright wasting time. Hence, my conversion rate is down the shitter.

This is just one example of the people I had to deal with:

Hello there, I am contacting on fiverr a few business text writers, I am looking for a description text not for Amazon but for my own website. would like the Basic package. You have amazing reviews. Is that possible? I can tell you the product if you like.


He thought he’ll get content for the whole site for $5. This is just one example. There are like 4 that are wayyyy worse.


Only if that worked. When I try this, the response is “can’t you just tell me?”. I begrudgingly curse my fate and then tell them how much it’ll cost rather than answering them. Lo and behold, they fudging disappear.

Whether you choose to do something or not isn’t the issue - it’s the people.


I DOES work. It works for me just fine. Although, I will admit, you and I are likely to have notably different types of clients and potential buyers. I direct potential buyres to my gig for price and service details. If they don’t want to go read for themselves, then they aren’t likely to be the level of buyers that I want to work for.

I choose not to keep responding to potential buyers that keep making demands that I have already answered. I already provided them with the source of their answers. It’s up to them to be responsible. I like responsible clients. :slight_smile:


I get ehat you mean but that’s the thing. The past 2 days have been just “weird”. The kast time something like this happened was when Fiverr was offering a discount on Christmas.


Hmm. Maybe the last two days for you are somehow related to all the frustration churning about on Fiverr after the new seller rules want into effect. Maybe there’s a strange sort of vibe that has bled into the buyers as well? :thinking:


The year’s off to a great start ain’t it.


Indeed. A lot has happened in a short amount of time. :wink:


I’m guessing it is different strokes for different folks.

I don’t get a lot of messages daily. In fact, almost everyone that contacts me orders. I will say I have an estimated 80% conversion rate.

For this reason, I take my time with everyone that sends me a message. I noticed some of them have really busy schedules and just send a brief explanation of what they want to achieve.

I have a questionnaire that I send to them to collect all the information I can work with and I am able to handle all the creative processes with the collected information


I confirm this - lately I’m getting a lot of inbox messages asking questions for which all the answers are in the gig descriptions, gigs to which these people refer / link to when messaging me :man_facepalming: and the usual dumb questions on top of those as well :pensive:

I’m spending way too much time conversing in Inbox just for the sake of keeping my response rate up. The questions I get are so… :man_facepalming: … that I can’t even convert, let alone upsell.


I ask them to fill out a discovery form first. It’s about 20 questions about their business, requirements, expectations etc.

Based on that I decide if I send them a custom offer or not. If they don’t bother to fill it out then I redirect them to Fiverr search. If they ask something that I don’t do then I send them a standard reply about my services.
However, if I like their responses and the project then I start selling my services :slight_smile:

I’ve only had trouble with 2-3 clients who ordered without talking to me. The rest I was able to filter out with this process.


I’ve had a lot of weird messages in January as well. I remember last January being similar. I wonder if it’s from an influx of new buyers deciding to give Fiverr a shot.

I find that these things are very cyclical…I’ll have a month or two of great, simple-to-work-with buyers, and then a couple weeks of strangely difficult ones…there’s no rhyme or reason to it, but it turns out just fine in the end. :slight_smile: