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It's making disscounts a great strategy?

Hi guys!
I came here for some advice, because I really don’t know what else can I do. I was doing super good on fiverr, getting many sales and nothing but 5 star reviews and suddenly, out of nowhere, my sales dropped completely. I haven’t been getting any activity and it’s been more than a month.
I’m getting like 0 to 10 impressions and it’s the lowest it’s ever been.
Today I decided to make an ‘‘october promo’’ and lower the price, I also changed the cover page and wrote that there, here it is in case you wanna see how it looks:
Have you ever tried that? did it work? I’m running out of ideas so if you have any tips or advice on what else can I do to have more activity, I would be very thankfull if you share them :heart:

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If I were you, I’d try a gig or two that appeals more to a niche market.

Try something like:
Cartoon portrait for your Twitch Channel
Cartoon portrait for your YouTube Channel

Or maybe:
Cartoon portrait for your Live-Streaming Channel
Cartoon portrait for your Gaming Channel

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First check if the gig is live or not. Some times the gigs under active tab are not really live. when you share the link it works for the other party. But when you actually search on Fiverr, the gig doesn’t appear.

You can check it :point_right: here.

Select below values in combo boxes and choose your gig.

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I’ll definitely try this! thank you so much for your advice

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I will check this, thank you for your advice :heart:


I wouldn´t drop my prices if I was doing well initially I tried it. Didn´t work for me. I don´t understand it either. But it happens to me a lot. That´s why I´m here reading.

Sometimes my gigs are on the front page. Number 3 spot. I get offers. Then suddenly I´m in the dead zone. I know its not because I´m not specific with my gig. Because I have that happen even on the specific ones. So far I´m assuming fiverr just likes to rotate their freelancers.

They say if you cancel orders it might affect your gigs but even with no cancellations that issue is still there.

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Good Luck…Hope get the best buy orders