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It's March! Send St.Patrick's messages to people on a clothesline!

Since St.Patrick’s day is coming soon, I decided to create a St.Patrick’s day version for my clothesline gig.

It’s simple looking, but the green hearts and clovers against the blue sky will put a smile on the receiver’s face.

great for cards and business promotions! :smiley:

…and so it’s been a week since I posted this, I’ll go ahead and it bump it once. :smiley:

I won’t be bumping it like crazy, just once a week until the season is over.

I guess St.Patricks is not that popular compared to Valentines day I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @zeus777: St. Patricks may not be as popular but your gig is really cute! I’m glad you put it up for friends of the Irish and I toast you with a green pint! Have you thought about getting the word luck or lucky in the title or description or both? Maybe if people got it in mind that they are sending some good luck it would stand out even more. I’m going to favorite that one and your regular one in case I need it later!

Thank you, fonthaunt!

Adding “lucky” is a nice idea, it might bring me luck as well. :smiley:

I added it to the title, thank you for your suggestion.

Back in elementary school I do remember doing some St.Patrick’s stuff, like cutting out

paper gold coins and rainbows/cloevrs and decorating the classroom, wearing green, we also had a “Leprechaun” contest, choosing which student was wearing the most green…ah, good memories :smiley:

I wonder if they do the same thing in schools in Ireland…

So it’s March 1st, less than 2 weeks till St.Patrick’s Day! :smiley:

This will be my last bump for this gig.

I’m looking forward to working on another lucky clothesline message! :smiley:

Meh, what the heck. There’s 2 days left till St.Patrick’s day. :smiley:

Last bump! (sorry I lied in the previous image)

After this I’ll need to create a gig for Easter…