It's my 12th day at Fiverr. But no sales


Can anybody tell me what is that I’m doing wrong please. And yes! I bought a gig from writer and re-did my gigs.

My gigs are listed below.

Thanks a lot for the support!



Glad to hear!


I’m sure that now will start a lot of sales


Share & Marketing your GIG by social site.


To do your gigs yourself.


I don’t know how competitive the Excel niche is, so I can’t say whether a 12 day wait for work is normal.

You may want to play around with your gigs again. Sometimes a few small changes can bring results. Maybe go for more eye catching pictures. Also consider shortening your gig titles. For example: change “I will be your excel assistant for entire 03 hours” to “I will be your EXCEL assistant for 3 hours”.

Your biography section could use a little tidying up. I know you don’t need to be an English expert to be good at Excel, so no problem. But it will help you look more professional.

I’ve tidied it up for you below:

Hi there!

I’m an analyst in the corporate management sector. I’m also a computer enthusiast, with almost 6 years of experience using Excel and other Office applications.

Any comprehensive data analysis or Excel-related work takes just a few hours for me to do.

Hire me! You won’t regret it. Thanks!


Hello my friend,

I looked at your profile and I think you need to change a few things to start selling.

First of all, try changing the pictures of the gig into something more appealing to buyers, add the image “only $ 5” will add the image a catchy title like "professional Excel, your business"

Make your product different from other sellers!

I noticed that you are missing Gig keywords, try to find keywords that show your product in the best way and insert details of at least 3 times.

One last thing: Share your profile and gig anywhere, YouTube, Facebook, forums and more …


You can contact me for additional help

Tamir Sassi


In this moment are 3 000 000+ gigs on fiverr I have joined last year and from 2 weeks I lunchet my first gig and BUM level 1 In 3 days Level 2 i need just 3 orders I am sure that today or tomorrow is done :))

– The secret very simple Professional Marketing – I have a degree in Social Buyers Development and I have applied all that I have learned in school.

Like I say from 3 000 000 gigs to stand out is hard but not impossible if you now what you are doing.

If somebody need help can’t send me a message, if I have time I will give some tips FOR FREE

With respect Claudiu.


Reply to @sara1984: My Dear Friend! Thanks a lot for your kind advises & help! I do really appriciate. I did few changes going by your advises & I added your gig to my favorites. Thanks again!


Reply to @tamirsasi: Thanks a lot. I did few tweeks. And thanks again for your valuble coments my friend!


Reply to @claudiucampean: My Dear friend! Thank you! It would be greatful if you can post some of the tips here. Thanking you! Have a great day!


Hi Guys!

I got my very first order today.

I wanna personally thank everyone who helped. Cheers.