Its my birthday today you guys are my only friends will you wish me please?


I spend most of my time on fiverr and studies. So fiverr community is my friend. It is my birthday and i want you guys to wish me as my friends.



Happyyyy birrthhhdaaayyy!!!

Hope you had a nice day! =D


Thank you both


Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday!!


How could I resist such a painful plea in any way other than sincere wishes of a Happy Birthday.


What are you studying…to be a Doctor?


Thank you all guys :slight_smile: Em really happy to see all these wishes


Reply to @anarchofighter: I am studying medicine and surgery , if you are talking about subjects then anatomy , physiology, biochemistry, medicine , surgery , eye, ENT, pathology , forensic medicine and a few minor subjects


Happy birthday doc >:D<


Happy birthday, my friend!


Reply to @publicsview: Thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Ang, save that for my birthday, not till June. :wink:


Reply to @hotwebideas: Thank you my friend :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks a lot this is sweetest wish :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday!


Reply to @shawnecannon: Thanks my dear :slight_smile:


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday~ Have a great one!


Not sure if it’s too late. Happy Birthday! <:-P