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It's my first day on Fiverr and i am done with my first gig today


How are you all, For all of you out there i am just finished with creating my first gig and seeking the help of all fiverrians.

Please drop me a welcome note.

Stay blessed All


Welcome to the Forum & also Congrats

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the Fiverr platform and also the Fiverr Community. The Forum here is a great place to learn more about how you can improve your reputation and performance as a Seller. Congrats on setting up your first Gig, and Good Luck!

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I am happy to heard you just joined the biggest Fiverr community and the biggest Freelancing platform. Congratulation on setting up your First Gigs!

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Thank you @ahsanul2019

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Welcome to the Forum! Here you can share experience to encourage other sellers, ask some questions (Just make sure no one asked/answered them before), and stay up to date with the latest of Fiverr.

By the way, I got my first order in 2 months. Some of the luckiest get theirs first order within just an hour! If you get stuck on no orders for 3 weeks, I recommend you upgrade your gigs, add a better look, and try to make it more eyecatching.

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Welcome to the forum. Keep working hard and be successful.
Best wishes.

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Hello and welcome here. You can share your gig link in gig category here so we can all see your work. Good luck

Maria S.

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Thank you All for your best wishes

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi… what does it mean by upgrade yr Gig? Thank for sharing tho.