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It's my first time in Fiverr. I did 3 jobs and the buyers disappeared. Help!

I am starting on Fiverr.
I had 3 requests.
I worked really hard on all 3, but all 3 buyers disappeared.
Time is running out and I don’t know what to do.

Please I would like someone to assist me.


Job 1:

I did a transcoding of a video.
I delivered it and the buyer did not respond more.

Job 2:

I showed him an example of how the job would look and he hired me.
I did the work and he said he did not like the images he sent me.
I sent him another proposal and he disappeared.

Job 3:

He sent me all the assets, I did all the work and it has not appeared for more than a day.

I’m frustrated.
If I cancel the sale, my statistics will be bad. If I ask to charge the same, they will put me wrong in the score unfairly.

3 Days working for nothing. 3 Request, 3 disappearances

These are new buyers, they clearly don’t care.

Any suggestions?
Please I need suggestions…

Thanks in advance. Greetings


Don’t worry, after 3 days the order will be marked as completed automatically.


What a horrible experience for you, I’m so sorry this happened to you.

Can I check, were all three jobs commissioned by the buyers–you had a definite order?

If so, and if you delivered your jobs using the green ‘deliver now’ button in the corresponding page on your work Dashboard, then buyers can’t just disappear easily. After three days, if they do not respond, the system will automatically accept your deliveries and you’ll be paid.

If you made the mistake of sending completed work through the message system and not by clicking ‘Deliver Now’, then this does give buyers the chance to grab the work and run… but you can still deliver it via the Dashboard too.


Give them more time. I have many buyers who take some time to reply to me. We all have our busy days.

If you have done everything based on their requirements, simply deliver the work. If they don’t answer you, it will be marked as completed anyway. You cannot think to cancel an order just because of 1 day of delay answer.


Absolutely right, good answer. I also often click ‘deliver now’ and the buyers take a few days to come back. As long as the seller has delivered quality work, then the time can pass by and the buyer will eventually reappear and give thanks for it.

So, to the original enquirer, don’t worry and you will be paid in due course–some buyers just see the delivery as the end of the job and don’t write again. They are just plain rude… :slight_smile: But most will reappear.


I guess some of them have that Online Shops mentality where you buy items and most users don’t leave a feedback because they simply want to pay and get their product. That’s what I’ve came up with, when clients don’t spend 1 minute of their lives to leave a review.

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I’m touched. Thank you all very much for your replys!!

Okay. I will wait. If time is up, I don’t do anything?
What happens when it reaches zero?
Can they still communicate?
Should I got to extend the time, or I just do nothing??

Last question: If everything remains unresolved and I get payd, can they give me bad review?
Thank you all



If you did the work you need to deliver it with a deliver button. If you did then timer will disappear.

I would also suggest for you to read fiverr help page on how fiverr works and watch a free course on fiverr learn on how fiverr works and how to be successful seller and how to use the system.


just take your time and all will be well. some buyers take time to review the work and may never even rate your services.


just take your time and try ur best …

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When you look at the Dashboard and open the project (each one in turn) where you clicked Deliver Order, you should see each of these three gigs now says, ‘will be marked complete in 3 days’.

So, make tea, (get biscuits) and sit and wait–if the buyers are unhappy with something, they can ask you for revisions inside those three days but if they simply do not contact you, then three days after the delivery, the jobs will auto complete and the funds will appear being processed by Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Right now, it seems you shouldn’t worry. It was my experience that when the sale was low value, buyers often would just take the delivery and “disappear” (and I was paid). But when I started charging higher rates and doing large jobs, these buyers almost always said thanks, left feedback, and often discussed the job at length afterwards–and they usually ‘accepted the order’ without waiting for the automated system to kick in.

The system works very smoothly usually. Buyers who cannot be bothered to respond (but who do not come back to you saying they are unhappy) WILL sometimes simply “disappear”, and they will use your order… and you’ll be paid. And often, they will appear again in future wanting another gig and doing exactly the same, ha.

Some folks are just very entitled and not polite–but as long as they do not stop the sale auto completing, it will process 3 days from delivery.

And yes, buyers can communicate at all times–even months after delivery.

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So long as you have formally delivered each job (as opposed to sending work as a message attachment for example - which you should never do!) then technically you and your buyers are done. I say that to offer you a bit of peace of mind. However…

While it is polite for buyers to ‘accept delivery’ you will find that some buyers (in my experience about one in every four) will let orders auto complete, which happens exactly 72 hours after you have delivered a gig. Just accept this - it’s part of Fiverr.

Within this 72 hour period, the client can request a revision or a cancellation.

Frustratingly, Fiverr customer support will also consider cancellation requests up to 14 days after an order completes, and in some rare circumstance over 14 days. Details here:

Buyers have 240 hours after an order is marked as complete (either because the buyer accepts delivery or the order auto completes) in which to leave feedback - should they choose to do so.

Also, although it would be polite for buyers to say ‘thanks for a great job’ (or similar) you will find that most buyers don’t . Likewise, some buyers will leave a tip - but most don’t.

A buyer can communicate with you at any point ahead of placing an order, during an order, and at any point after an order is delivered and completed. The only way to stop an unwanted person from communicating with you is to block them - although that won’t stop them leaving feedback.


Thank you very much to all! :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experiences, it was very useful to read them.

I have some questions:

I understand that Fiverr automatically terminates the job after 3 days.
But what about the review from buyer? They still will have the chance to rating you?

I also ask:
Suppose there is a dispute because you did the work and then the client regrets and wants to cancel the work.
Of course, as a service provider you can accept the cancellation.
But if you want not to be canceled?
In that case, would Fiverr read all the comments and evaluate if it has to be canceled or not?
I mean, is it a manual process?

And if it is not canceled, I imagine that the client will give you a very low rating.
That’s not fair to me because Fiverr said it wouldn’t be appropriate for the job to be canceled.

But that’s the way it is, isn’t it?
Thanks to all…

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Many of your questions have already been answered by @english_voice - you could read his answer carefully.

As to the rest, the fiverr terms of service can provide answers. You’ll find them here: .

And this free Learn from Fiverr course may be very helpful to you: