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It's my first time in Fiverr

I just heard about Fiverr and enrolled to write content or edit. I made my profile three days ago. could anyone tell me how do i receive orders?

do i create random gigs first?

if i promote my gigs in social media the reviews are posted in fiverr by fiverr users? or my social media contacts?

I have no experience in professional writing.

Hi, I’m new to Fiverr as a seller. I write personalised poems so I’ve put gigs in to the creative writing and gifts categories. Just wanted to say hi. :-)X Jo

@sagarjha thank you I have sent out offers. 8 offers sent but didnot receive any order yet.

Hi writtenbyarpita :slight_smile:

Welcome and best wishes! It is good to know that ‘buyers requests’ is meant for … buyers’ requests only. Not sellers asking for a job :slight_smile: As this would be spam. It is always good to read Fiverr Terms of Services and not try to ‘cheat’ if you want to keep a good profile in Fiverr community. To read Fiverr Forum Terms of Service is also useful.

  1. It is helpful to promote your gigs in social media as others have already suggested here. I have heard that Twitter and Instagram helps a lot.

  2. This forum is a good place to make friends in the community - within Fiverr of course :slight_smile:

  3. If you haven’t tried that already, you could post the links of your gigs in the ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ section of this forum.

  4. Fiverr Blog is also a place where you can be noticed (post comments)

    all the best and happy gigging!


@happy space thank you for the advice. i will do that

@fonthaunt i have added a few more gigs. i am trying to put more but its not uploading for some reason

@lady beauty thank you! you are amazing too.

@joco23 HI! :smiley: XD

Hello, and welcome to Fiverr! If someone orders your gig, you’ll get an email and a notification on Fiverr. You can promote your gigs anywhere you like, but then you need to complete orders directly through Fiverr. Customers will be able to write reviews that will be posted on your gig page. Basically, the only thing customers should do on social media is click on a link to your Fiverr gig page. I hope that helps!

Hi. I know that great feeling about finding Fiverr. I’ve only been here for about a year after someone told me about it. :slight_smile: Besides being sure to keep everything in Fiverr. My suggestion to you is to check out other gigs in the same category. Don’t undersell yourself. I was doing that when I first started. Offering way to much for $5. You might want to try that to start to get buyers and 5 star ratings but be sure you aren’t dong too much work for too little. That’s what gig extras and additional orders are about :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @mhwoolz. I just posted one gig. I will spread the message to everyone to view my post!

Thank you @lionseyesteph I have just joined Fiverr, so even earning $5 right now would be great. Once i start getting reviews i will demand for more. :slight_smile:

hi arpita

I also joined fiverr few days ago and already had 2 orders. Both of them delivered now. I posted a suggestion in the forum which can be useful to you …below is the link to that discsussion…


Welcome to Fiverr! I see that your gigs are all for writing even though you say that you have no professional writing experience. Since you are brand new I thought it might be helpful to know that writing is a tough field on Fiverr even for native English speakers and professional writers. You might want to consider adding some additional gigs in other categories to make sure you maximize your chances of selling. You can still try writing gigs too to see what happens.

Look around at all the different kinds of gigs on Fiverr. There are some that require different kinds of skills and some that don’t require any skills. For example, there are gigs where you hold up a sign with a message in an interesting location where you live or send a postcard from your location. You can try a gig to spell out a message on a beach or with pebbles or something even more unique. If you have a regional accent and a nice voice, people might pay you to record their voice mail greeting, There are gigs under “fun and bizarre” of all kinds.

I want everyone to have a shot at earning money on Fiverr and it can be done, but I just think you might do better if you have more variety in your gig offerings. Use other gigs as inspiration but don’t copy them, just come up with something even more unique!

Hello the new friend and I am the new one too. I hope to connect well with people here. I see a lot of you are so amazing!!! :slight_smile:

Same first line

@venchi Yes I did check it out, but I think it’s very expensive.

@sunshy1 thank you for sharing the link

Be careful because reviews are everything and you want to make sure that you know what you are doing. On the other hand, content writing and blog writing is something that you just have to jump in and get your feet wet. It is easy if you take your time and do the best job that you can with it. Best wishes on your new adventure in writing @writtenbyarpita

Hello there,

I have been on fiverr for a long time and I am still struggling to succeed even though I am experienced freelancer with about 4 years being full time freelancer on other platforms.

So the time vary and depends from the type of service you provide as well as the quality of gig you have created.

Follow the forum and check the fiverr academy where you will find ton of tips about how to succeed on fiverr.

Wish you best of luck

Reply to @hmimda: And that’s the reason you are a user with no sales :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx:

Reply to @kjblynx:

I have NEVER shared any of this before. You can confirm this with the mods if you wish. So before accusing someone please be sure.

@rodrigueskevin thank you so much for your help. I will try looking at the social media apps,
@handwritten_sol Thank you, yes being patient pays off.