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It's my first time in fiverr

Hi, i am Noyon

I just heard about Fiverr and enrolled to create new website and convert psd to html. I made my profile 7 days ago. i have two gigs. i conversion psd to html and create website with HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS3, with responsive design.could anyone tell me how do i receive orders?

Read through the “Tips for Sellers” section and check out the Fiverr Academy link.

Welcome, you can use social medias, blogs, forum comments and many other ways to promote your gigs.

Promote your gigs! Social media promotion tool is a big help!

I found social media very effective for me. The way you go about it also depend on your target audience. Make sure you hook up with people that would understand your gig.

Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

Be sure to look at other sellers to get ideas on how to make your gigs awesome and profitable for you. I found that offering my services on classified sites worked great… but then again I’m not a social media person.

Ask friends to buy also! :slight_smile:

Hi there. This might be helpful to get the best tips and top secrets for fiverr success. You can check it here:

You can advertise your gigs in the My Fiverr Gigs part of the forum as well. Also a heads up, do not buy from any Udemy links in the forums. They are spam.